The Next Stage for Modern Democracies

I am the Ascended Master MORE, and why am I more? Because long ago I had a vision and I saw the beauty of the Will of God. I decided to surrender myself, my will, my being, into the flow of the Will of God.

When you surrender yourself unconditionally into a particular God quality, you become one with that quality, we might say, but it would be more accurate to say that you become the God quality. I became the Will of God, and as I ascended on that ray of the Will of God, I found myself as an ascended being, one with the Will of God, which truly is not static but is an ever-flowing stream of consciousness. It was natural for me to then accept the position as the Chohan of the First Ray whereby I came to represent the Will of God to planet earth.

The challenge of adaptability

The Will of God is, of course, a many-faceted Being, a many-faceted state of consciousness. It cannot be limited to words. It can be represented by words but as you know, a representation is not the real thing. So it is, with the kind of democracy that you know in Europe, and in other parts of the world, that you often call representative democracy. You elect representatives who are supposed to carry out the will of the people. Of course, they are not the people, are they? Therein lies the problem, as we might say.

However, before I go into that, I wish to pick up on what this beloved Being, Mother Mary, said last night. You see, my beloved, before there can be any change, before anything can become more, there must be an act of will. Now you do, I hope, understand that I have changed my name to Master MORE in order to signal that the Will of God always wants more. You might from a human perspective think that if you always want more, you are never satisfied with what is.

This is not the case and this is the perspective I wish to give you. When you look at the world, you see so often that people have an incredible ability to adapt. This is both good and not so good. It is good in the sense that it allows them to survive very difficult conditions that may only be temporary. They can still survive, they can stay in embodiment, they can keep some kind of composure. When the outer conditions change, they can go on with life, they can have some continuity.

The downside of this ability is that they can also become so used to current conditions that they no longer want more because they have adapted so well that they think either that this is the only way that things can be, that this is the way it is supposed to be or that they really do not want to run the risk of upsetting the apple cart because you never know where the apples might fall. Some of them might fall far from the tree. There are fears in people’s beings against upsetting status quo, and they cling to status quo because for many people a known misery is better than an uncertainty.

How then can there be positive change when people cling to status quo? Now, you understand that, I am one with the Will of God, I am the Will of God for earth and the Will of God is that everything transcends itself. When I talk about change, I am not talking about a change that goes into a negative and creates less, I am talking about the change that creates more. All change that I desire to see is the change towards more and this, my beloved, cannot be a loss. It cannot be a loss to anyone except, perhaps, those who form a power elite and have taken on special privileges and powers by limiting the people and stealing the people’s light. They are the ones who can lose when status quo is changed, but the majority of the people on earth do not lose when there is a change that brings forth more.

How change happens

There are two ways that change can come about. One is, as we have talked about many times, the second law of thermodynamics and the fact that a closed system will self-destruct. When there is resistance to change, the clinging to status quo, then you do enter a downward spiral. It is only a matter of how difficult, how dysfunctional, conditions become before people wake up and decide that things are now so bad that they cannot live with it and therefore they have a will to change. This is, of course, not the way that we of the ascended masters desire to see change come about. When people close their minds, it is not that we do anything to accelerate a negative cycle. We are forced by the Law of Free Will to step back and say that if people do not want to open their minds to new ideas, we must let the spiral unfold until they get to that point where they again have the will for something different.

This is, we might say, the negative way that change can come about. You first have no will to change status quo because you have a clinging to status quo and then, when things get so bad, finally something breaks and now there is a will to change. The problem with this process is that when people change this way, it is not really that they have a vision of wanting something better than what they have. It is more that things have gotten so bad that they want to get away from the misery they are experiencing.

Why did things get so bad, why did the downward spiral go so far down? It was because people did not have a vision of something more and thus they could not even long for it, they could not manifest it. When they get to a low point and things finally break, they still have no vision of what they want instead of their misery. They just want to get away from the misery.

That is precisely what the fallen beings want because then they can step in and promise the people something better, if they only will give up something, such as freedom, such as control over their own lives.

This is what you have seen in several totalitarian states where the people have been promised some mythical, magical state if only they would give up their freedom to that totalitarian government. Of course then, can the totalitarian government deliver? Well, as you have seen within the last century, where several totalitarian governments collapsed, you know that they can never deliver the promised land.

Things could be much better

What I desire to see for earth is an awakening where you find a positive way to long for change. Of course, you who are listening to this have already started this process. I desire you to hold the vision that many more people catch on to the possibility of a positive change. It is not a matter of letting things go so far that they get broken, it is not even a matter of saying that current conditions are bad, it is just a matter of catching the vision that there is something more, there is something higher.

Mother Mary talked about the people who are stuck in a mud hole and they are walking around in mud, all covered in mud and getting nowhere. Many of the nations of Europe have already climbed out of the mud hole of previous ages. You have a condition where many people have not only a tolerable life but have a very affluent life. They have great economic freedom to do many things that their parents and grandparents could not even dream about. It is not a matter of these people coming to see that current conditions are bad.

It is a matter of them coming to see that current conditions could be a springboard, a stepping stone, to something even better—in fact, far better. So much better that their parents could not even dream about it and that they themselves have so far not really dared to dream about it. It is time for them to dream about it, to dare to dream about what a society really could be when we do not have many of these problems we saw a generation or two ago, such as a world-wide war or two or wide-spread poverty, diseases or many other conditions.

Why external problems do not define you

You see, my beloved, many people in Europe today have a commodity that was actually the greatest luxury just a century or two ago, and it is free time. That free time could be used, instead of empty entertainment, for grasping a higher vision and working on implementing it. What would it then require that people can make this transition and adopt a positive view of the future and of the potential for changing current conditions into a Golden Age? It will require what mother Mary talked about, this willingness to see that so many of the problems that eat up people’s attention are inconsequential. They are just petty problems that need to be let go.

How can you then do this? Well, we have talked about it many times before for you who are the spiritual students. It can start with a recognition that there are, currently, certain physical, material conditions manifest on earth, manifest in your society. You, as an individual (whether you are spiritual or not) have limited powers to change these conditions because they are created by the collective. What you can realize is that you are not living in these conditions in the sense that the conditions are defining you. Your relationship to the conditions is that you are experiencing the conditions.

What you are experiencing is not the outer conditions; you are experiencing something that is created in your own mind. We have talked about it before, how everything is energy and everything is an energy field. There is a certain physical condition but contrary to the sensory experience and the common understanding, that physical condition is still vibrating energy. It is an energy field and when you are experiencing the condition, your personal energy field is interacting with that other energy field. What you experience inside your mind is that interaction, that interference pattern, between the energy field that is external to you and your own energy field. This means that even if you cannot change the energy field that is external, you can change your own field and by doing this you change your experience of the conditions.

That is how you can come to see that a certain problem, that you may have been brought up (by your parents, your peers or your society) to see as being very important, is not really that important because it does not define you anymore than you allow it to define you by focusing your attention upon it. It is indeed possible that you can come to perceive the problem in a different way and therefore, you will see that your experience of it changes. It no longer has any hold over you, and that is when you can come to see it as truly insignificant. It cannot prevent you from going where you want to go. It is not a matter of you coming to the realization (as it has been projected at you from the traditional religions) that you are a sinner and that something is so terrible or so bad. This is not what I am asking you to do.

I am asking you, instead, to realize that you are currently at a good space but the question is: “Is there more you would like to experience on this earth while you are still in embodiment?” Then, how can you have that experience? Do you not see that the entire illusion created by the fallen beings is that the only way for you to change your life experience is to change the external conditions? The reality (that we have been telling you now for years) is that the only way to change your life experience is to change your internal condition.

Adopting a positive outlook on life

This is the way to adopt a positive outlook on life and on the future. You realize that when you begin with yourself, you are not only changing your own life experience, you are at the same time changing the totality of the collective consciousness. If there is a problem in your particular country that most people are very concerned about, then if you change your own perception of that problem, you will shift the collective consciousness.

You may say: “But is it so much that it is significant?” My beloved, it is significant because you are not an isolated individual. Each one of you (who is open to spiritual teachings and especially ascended master teachings) have many other people who are tied to you in a structure similar to a pyramid. When you raise your consciousness, you will pull up on those below you and make it easier for them to shift their perception.

They, on the other hand, have their own pyramid under them, and that means that when they move up, they pull on all those below them. This is how even one person can start a chain reaction that gradually spreads to an entire society. This is how consciousness changes. This is how consciousness has always changed. It starts with one, then two, then three, then more. All of a sudden, there is that shift where it becomes obvious to the majority of the people in a society that something has changed, or something needs to change and they want change.

We are not looking for a Golden Age to be born on the ashes of the current society collapsing. We are looking for those who can grasp the vision of bringing about positive change by building on what has been achieved. Certainly, my beloved, you can look at a society such as Europe (or the United States) and you can see that even though they have a higher level of development, there is this problem, there is that problem, there is the next problem. You could focus on the problems and think that society is on the brink of an imminent collapse. You could also shift your perception and realize that regardless of the problems that are there (and I am not asking you to go into denial), compared to how society was fifty or a hundred years ago, tremendous progress has been made. You cannot really deny this. If you are not appreciative, then I suggest you go and talk to your grandparents if they are still alive, and ask them to tell you how it was when they were children, and you will see that there has been progress. I am just asking you to focus on that, to adopt the attitude that we have made much progress.

We have a good foundation for making even more progress, and for shifting into the positive where we are no longer enacting change in order to get away from something that is bad and intolerable. We are enacting change because we see that there is so much more that could be done, that could be experienced, that could be manifested. This is truly what I look for. I desire you, who are the spiritual people and you who are my beloved students, to make that switch, to be positive, to transcend the fear that there could be some collapse tomorrow. I am not saying that there will not be bumps in the road, for there will be, but it is a matter of realizing that the bumps in the road are just that. They are just bumps in the road, but it does not stop your progress. It does not stop the progress of society.

You might even switch your perception even more and realize that the bumps in the road are not even bumps in the road. They are simply manifestations that give people an opportunity to shift their perception. You know very well that there are those who, as I said, cling to status quo, do not want to shift their perception. Sometimes they need to be shaken in order to shift their perception.

If you have already decided to shift your perception into a positive, why should it bother you? Why should you look at these with fear and trepidation? Why should you be discouraged because you think things are so bad, when in reality they are not any worse than you make them out to be. I am therefore saying: “Make them out to be positive, to be stepping stones to a new experience, individually and collectively.” How does the collective experience shift unless some dare to shift their individual experience.

How a Golden Age can come about

Do you not see that there has been much talk in spiritual circles about the Golden Age, a better time, a shift into another dimension or whatever you have? Most people have a completely unrealistic expectation of how this can come about. They think that currently things are very bad and that is why there needs to be a change. Somehow, magically, some force will come in and bring about the change. Have we not told you, over and over again, that the force that can bring about change is not the ascended masters, it is you who are in embodiment because your free will is what determines the course of planet earth.

How can you bring about change into a Golden Age if you do not shift into the golden age consciousness. Do you think that in the Golden Age people are fearing about the future? Do you think they are afraid of this or that problem, this or that major calamity or collapse? No, of course not. A Golden Age is, among other things, an age where people do not fear the future. They look to the future with great expectation, anticipation and a joy of waiting to see what is the next wonderful thing that will unfold in the world, not the next calamity, but the next great thing that will open up and give them an even richer experience, an experience of more. What is the Golden Age? Is it something that will come about in one grandiose event where you can say: “Two minutes ago, the Golden Age was not there but now it is there?” Of course not; it is an ongoing process. There will be people who do not even realize that there is a Golden Age. In the past, there have been golden ages, but there was still a certain percentage of the population who never realized that it was a Golden Age. In a sense, you could say that every age is in its own way a Golden Age for those who are focusing on the positive.

Have you not seen a growth in society for centuries and thousands of years? Is it not possible to say that in every age some people became part of the change and other people remained part of the problem? This is always the case, and I would like you to be part of the change and to know that things are positive, that we are moving up, that things are becoming more. How can you do this? You certainly cannot do it by looking at current conditions, but you can do it by attuning to the Presence of one of the ascended masters. That will give you a frame of reference.

My beloved, if I was a pessimist about the future of the earth, I would not be speaking. I would be holding my peace and allowing the negative spiral to unfold. If I did not think that speaking could make a difference, what would be the point in expending the energy? So you see, I am positive and you can know this by tuning in to me, or to Saint Germain, or to Mother Mary, or whomever is closest to your hearts. Then, lock on to that and realize: “This is reality.”

How do you tune in to us? What did I say in the beginning? I surrendered myself into the flow of the Will of God. What is the Divine quality that is close to your heart? Surrender into the flow of that quality. That is how you attune to the Presence of an ascended master. You cannot resist, there cannot be fear, you cannot tune in through fear or through an act of outer will. It is an act of inner will, which is to surrender into the flow. Having then had my say about the inner conditions, the psychological conditions, I desire to give you a few things about the other aspects of the First Ray.

The exposure of a power elite

First of all, we have power, and power has, of course, been misused greatly on planet earth. This messenger recently found a book where scientists had studied Danish society and had determined that there are five million people in Denmark, but there are only a little over four hundred people that actually run the country and form a power elite.

They even used the word power elite and the title of the book was Power Elite. This, of course, is the same in every country, even though in some countries the power elite that runs the population is even smaller compared to the population. You need to hold the vision, to make the calls, that the people wake up and realize that, regardless of the fact that you have a democracy, there is still a small elite of people who have too much power for their own good and for the good of society.

Why do I say this? Because what does history show you? There is an old saying: “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The simple equation is that nobody who is in an unascended state of consciousness can handle having too much power. This is very simple, my beloved. I can even speak from personal experience of having had certain leadership positions in my embodiments. I can assure you that when I am honest with myself, I can see that I could not handle having unlimited power, and there is nobody who can handle having power over others. Why do you think Jesus and the Buddha did not take a position of power in society? Because they had realized this and had realized that their mission was to show a different state of consciousness. I am not thereby judging or condemning those who have accepted positions of power and have wrestled with it. For many others it was necessary to experience that. In some cases, our exercise of power was better than the alternative of having a fallen being ascend to the throne of power.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that power that is concentrated in the hands of a few people will be misused. Now mind you, this does not mean that power is misused malevolently or with negative intentions. The fact of the matter is that in many modern societies, such as Denmark, there is nobody who has a direct, conscious, malevolent intent. The people who form the power elite are not all fallen beings. They are not necessarily all completely blinded by the fallen consciousness. It is not that they have a lust for personal power, but they can only exercise power through their vision, and why have they made the effort to attain those positions of power? That was because they had a certain vision.

It may not be a malevolent vision but it is still an individual, subjective, limited vision. This is the only thing you can have while you are in embodiment. The people are not necessarily exercising power in a way so you would consider them evil or manipulative. They are, in many cases, doing what they think is good and they are doing it to the best of their ability, but they can only do it to the limitations of their vision. It is almost impossible to want to have a position of power without thinking that you know better than the people how the country should be run.

You may look at almost any leader in history, even those who have been fallen beings and who have later come to be seen as evil. You may look at Adolf Hitler, and everybody today clearly sees him as evil (or I should not say everybody but the majority, for some still idolize him). Nevertheless, he still thought he was acting for the betterness of society and even mankind.

The problem with representative democracy

Everybody who strives for a position of power thinks they know better than the people how the country should be run. What is the foundational, the essential, idea behind democracy? It is that nobody knows better than the people how the country should be run. That is the essence of democracy.

Back to my starting remark about representative democracy. Why was it necessary to have a phase where there was representative democracy? Well, it was for practical matters mainly. There was no communication. Most people were not educated. Many people could not even read and write when the first democracies came into being. This makes it very difficult for the people to know enough about society to make informed decisions. At the same time, there was no way to communicate and get all of the people who lived isolated out in the country to actually vote for certain issues. Therefore, it was the practical solution that (every four years or so) you have an election where the people elected representatives that then took up their positions in  parliament and enacted the laws that the country had to follow.

The weakness of the system is, of course, that it almost inevitably creates a power elite. Surely, some people may not be elected at the next election and there may be a change-over. There will be an elite of elected representatives who have made it their life goal to be in office. They will therefore do anything they can to stay in office, and therefore they form an elite. There will also be an elite of people in business, even in the forms of government who are not elected representatives but have positions in government and also form a power elite. In many cases, it is because they think they know better. Of course, this is all subjective. If you are a business leader, you may think you know what is best for the country but how easy is it for your vision to be skewed so that what you think is best for the country is also what is best for your company and not so good for the competition?

This is almost impossible to avoid in a representative democracy. There will be that influence, and of course, the more you see that money plays a part in getting people elected, the more there will be an influence for those who have money. This is no more clearly seen than in the United States where the sums of money necessary to run a campaign have become outright ridiculous. It is a wonder, for me at least, that the American people are not revolting against it.

This is, again, because they cling to status quo, and things have not yet gone so bad that people say: “This cannot go on!” Rest assured, my beloved, that unless people are awakened, they will get to that point where they have to say: “Our political system is no longer working and we need change. We need to throw the lobbyists out of Washington, and out of the electoral process and out of the media and other areas of society.” The same, of course, applies to some degree in Europe, although to a lesser degree because money is not as big of an issue in the campaigns of many European nations.

The need for direct democracy

What I propose, what we propose, Saint Germain and I, the Darjeeling council, we propose a shift towards something that has generally been called “direct democracy.” You see in most democratic nations that there are some issues that cannot be decided by parliament but must be decided by a popular referendum where all of the people vote.

You also see some countries, such as Switzerland, that have already implemented a more direct form of democracy. People have to vote on many more issues and can even overturn laws if they are not happy with what was enacted by parliament. This is what we propose for all of Europe: An awakening of the people to a need for a direct democracy where there are many more issues that are decided by a direct vote by the people.

This, of course, for practical purposes, needs to be done so that people can vote by computer. I know that there are some nations where they are fixated on keeping the vote secret. There are nations where they have the capability to implement a digital voting system, but they say we cannot do it because we cannot guarantee that somebody cannot hack the results and thereby see who voted for what.

My beloved, in a direct democracy, you do not need secrecy in voting. What is wrong with standing up and taking responsibility for the way you cast your vote? Anyway, in the current digital age, you all know that everybody on Facebook can know your personal secrets if you put them on the net. Is it not so that the need to hide has become less important? It is, in fact, so that, to a large degree, privacy has become much less of an issue in today’s society. There is a need to shift and say: “I have no problem with standing out in the public and standing behind my views and how I cast my vote.” Therefore, this fixation on keeping the vote secret cannot be allowed to stop the implementation of direct democracy and the practical solutions that make it possible.

Now, there is not just one way to implement direct democracy; it can be done in many different ways. Of course, we are not sitting up here with a fixed model, saying that this is how every country should do it. We see that the European countries will do it in different ways. We see that it is an issue that needs to be debated, and how will it be debated unless you, who are the spiritual people, shift your consciousness and make the calls that go into the collective consciousness? Thereby, you pull up on all of the people you are tied to so that there is a greater awakening to the need to talk about this.

Are political parties outdated?

As part of this process, you also need to debate whether the current system of political parties has outlived its usefulness. You need to realize that having political parties so easily becomes taken over by the dualistic consciousness where everything has to be polarized, and you have a right wing and a left wing of parliament.

Can we not look realistically and say that these old systems have outlived their usefulness? What sense does it make that we still today have political parties that go back to a clearly socialist, Marxist approach to the economy? We have other political parties that go back to the opposite view of the economy, call it a capitalist or conservative view.

Can we not transcend these labels, these ideologies? Can we not realize that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the world saw the death, the end, of the age of ideology? What we are moving into now is an age where it is not a matter of ideology, it is a matter of what Mother Mary has called the Wisdom of the Mother. You look at what works and what does not work. It does not matter that we may have a fanciful ideology that says that ideally the economy should work like this. If we can actually observe that the economy does not work according to theory, when do we then say that the theory has to go? If it does not conform to observation, can we not then adopt this scientific approach sponsored by Saint Germain and say: “Let us look of what works and get rid of all of the ideologies.”

Truly, it should not be a matter of the economy working one way if you are on the left side of the parliament and another way if you are on the right side. The economy is the economy. There are certain principles. They work this way, and it is just a matter of acknowledging it instead of wanting to force the world into a perception filter based on ideology. It is better to actually adjust your perception filter based on how the world works instead of how some fallen being thought the world should work.

You could, of course, also seek the help of the ascended masters. We will also give you a vision, not only of how the world works now but how it could work. I am not asking for the majority of the people to come to this point in the near future because I know that is not realistic. It should be realistic that people will start looking at what actually works and realizing that it is completely petty and ridiculous to attempt to make the universe conform to a man-made ideology when it obviously does not work that way.

Overcoming opposition

Thus, I have given you the ideas I wanted to give you for now, but I want to comment on the fact that, when a release like this is given, there is always opposition to it. Some of you may have felt a certain burden before this conference and it is because you are feeling the opposition to the release of light. It is natural that you feel this but it is possible to shift out of it by going through the change that I talked about earlier. You can come to the point where you might still realize that there is an opposition but you do not let it color you. You do not let it drag you down. You realize that the opposition is actually a sign that the dark forces are threatened. If they were not threatened by you, they would not bother you and this is something that you see in society in general. Many people who are just following status quo are not burdened by any particular opposition. Those who stand out against status quo, who dare to speak out against the party line, they are often burdened by opposition. Some, many in fact, have been weighted down by it so that they could not fulfill their missions.

You can learn to switch to a point where you realize there is opposition, but you do not let it get to you. You actually see it as a certain sense of encouragement because you realize that the dark forces feel threatened by what you are engaged in. My beloved, why do they feel threatened? They feel threatened for one reason only: They know that if you keep going, they will lose. Otherwise, they would not feel threatened and they would not even bother to send you any energy. When you realize this, you can say: “Well, it doesn’t matter. I am going to keep going. And I am going to be an open door for the light and the light will be victorious.”

You see, my beloved, we were winning from the beginning. There is no question at all that the earth (and all other planets in the universe that are still at a lower level) will be raised. There is no question about it. It is inevitable because the earth is not an isolated planet. It is connected to all of the billions of planets that have already entered the upward spiral to a point of no return where it could not be turned back. The earth is being pulled up by all of these planets. It is being pulled up partly because there are people in embodiment on earth who have, in the past, embodied on these planets that are now firmly in the upward spiral. Through your presence here, there is that pull from the planet you came from, and it is pulling up the earth. The dark forces cannot win. They cannot win. It is only a matter of how long they will be allowed to influence people’s perception. Because people are still clinging to status quo, they do not want to be awakened, they do not want to come up higher, they do not want to be aware, they do not want to be conscious.

You, of course, all know this, perhaps from your own experience when you first found the path of how it could be overwhelming to suddenly know more than you knew before. You also know it when you talk to other people and you see that they cannot handle getting so much information that is beyond their current image of the world.

Nevertheless, you need to realize that the dark forces can only influence people on a temporary basis and there is no question that their influence on this planet is being reduced at a rapid pace. The reason for this is that there is now a critical mass of people in embodiment who have locked in to a new spiral, a new era, the Aquarian age and the leadership of Saint Germain. Many of these people have not heard of Saint Germain, but they have still locked in at inner levels to the winds of change.

We have said many times that we respect free will, but you also realize, do you not, that we actually respect free will. That means we want people to be in a position where they can make a free choice, and you cannot make a free choice if you do not know that there is something better than what you are experiencing right now. Therefore, it is not a violation of free will to give them that vision.

The fallen beings are violating people’s free will by making them think that they have limited options, that they could not choose anything different. That is not what we do. We give them the vision that there is something and then we let them choose freely—and you do the same thing.

We are not asking you, in your minds, to go out and want to force other people to come into the golden age consciousness. We are asking you not to limit yourself in how, first of all, you enter the golden age consciousness, but also how you express yourself and be yourself. You are in embodiment, you have individual free will, you have a right to enter the golden age consciousness. You have a right to express that and to demonstrate it to others. This is not violating their free will. It is exercising your own free will. I cannot force people, for I am an ascended master. I am not asking you to force people either but I am asking you not to force yourself to shut yourself down in order to avoid disturbing others, for they have a right to be disturbed.

You have a right, under the Law of Free Will, to be disturbed and to be made aware that there is a higher choice than the one you are making right now. You do not have a right, under the Law of Free Will, to remain ignorant. Ignorance is not a right; it is not a natural state. It is an artificially manufactured state, created by the fallen beings. That is why you do not need to respect people’s desire to remain ignorant.

You have a right to express who you are and what you have come to see. Without vision, the people perish and without vision they cannot accept what is actually better for themselves. You understand, I have said many times: “If people knew better, they would do better.” But if they do not know better, how can they have the choice?

I have given you the choice of whether you will be more with me, and I hope you will. And so, I thank you.

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