Why Nations Go to War

You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. The very prevention of war requires more faith, courage and resolution than are needed to prepare for war. We must all do our share, that we may be equal to the task of peace.

Albert Einstein

Chapter 15 | Why Nations Go to War


(Nedanstående text är en fortsättning på "Fredens Krigare" som behöver läsas först.) 

One day, as the students are sitting in the assembly hall and have completed their group exercises, the Master looks at the Warrior and says: ‘My Son, I see that you have now attained a sufficient clearing of all of your chakras. I do not want you to think this means you have completely cleared your chakras or the subconscious mind. A complete clearance is a long-term, often a life-time, goal. As long as you are in embodiment, there will be some need for clearing your energy field. What you have achieved now is a sufficient clearance that we can take your path to a new level.’

‘When you came here, you had many questions and I have not answered all of them. The reason is that you were not ready to receive my answers. This you need to understand.’

‘In the modern age, many people have become blinded by a specific form of thinking. I call it linear, intellectual or analytical thinking. They think the analytical mind is the totality of the mind. They think the analytical mind can comprehend everything. When such people meet a spiritual teacher, they often expect, or even demand, that they should be given a complete explanation of the spiritual side of life. They expect that they will be able to comprehend such an explanation at their present level of consciousness.’

‘This makes many people susceptible to the illusions created by the many false teachers in this world. Some of these do not deliberately seek to deceive because they believe in their own illusions. Some know that they are manipulating others. They have deliberately created very elaborate and seemingly sophisticated philosophies in order to ensnare those who make the intellect their God.’

‘Many spiritual students think that the more complicated and hard to understand a philosophy is, the more advanced it must be. They think that because they study this difficult philosophy, it proves that they must be advanced students. What neither the false teachers nor their students realize is that these teachers are controlled by the Machine. Their false ideas only serve to uphold and reinforce the grip that the Machine has on all people. As you have seen yourself, the spiritual reality is not that complicated to understand. It requires relatively little understanding but a lot of practical work.’

‘What you have experienced over these last months is that you came here with a specific state of consciousness. Your mind was a very unpleasant and chaotic place to be, mainly due to the psychic energies that had accumulated in your chakras and four lower bodies. As you have cleared out some of this energy, you have risen to a distinctly higher state of consciousness in which your mind has more peace and clarity. You are now able to comprehend many things that your mind could not have contained back then.’

‘As you cleared out some of the energy, you started experiencing what you had experienced before, namely that what I call the Conscious You stepped outside its identification with the outer mind or self. You have experienced pure, unbound, unlimited, infinite awareness. Without this direct experience, there are many aspects of the spiritual reality that you cannot comprehend.’

‘If you think every aspect of the spiritual side of life can be reduced to words or to concepts that the analytical mind can deal with, then you will never fully comprehend spirituality. There are certain aspects that cannot be described in words and cannot be reduced to analysis. They can only be experienced directly through a mystical experience that is beyond words and cannot be reduced to words. This you have now experienced. You can go beyond what the people still trapped in the intellect can do. We will therefore enter a phase where I will allow you to ask any question you have. I will allow you to ask the question any way you want, and you will allow me to answer it any way I want.’ The chicken or the egg The Warrior says: ‘Master, I see that when I first came, I did not have clarity of mind. Yet I still felt exactly what you said, namely that I should be able to understand the spiritual side of life. I see now how unrealistic that was, but back then you could not have explained it to me. I was indeed frustrated that you did not answer some of my questions, but today I see the wisdom of this. My mind would only have used your answers to create even more confusion.’

‘As my first question, I would like to understand why my nation went to war. I see now how it was my personal spiral of anger that caused me to respond when our leader called for warriors. I would like to understand why our nation reasoned that it was necessary and justified to go to war.’

‘I know you have said that as a Christian nation, we ignored the call of Christ to turn the other cheek. Our leader, the people in the army and all of my fellow soldiers thought that since the enemy had attacked us unprovoked, it was justified that we responded. The enemy had killed civilians who had never personally done anything to the enemy.’

‘We were all fully convinced that if we did nothing, if we turned the other cheek, it would only be seen as weakness and it would encourage the enemy to strike us again and again. We were convinced that our actions were necessary in order to stop future attacks. Master, I would like to hear your perspective on this. What should our nation have done in response to the initial attack?’ The Master says: ‘My short answer is that while you went to war because of your personal anger spiral, your nation has a collective spiral. It was this spiral that blinded your nation’s leaders to the alternative to going to war. Now, let me give you a longer explanation.’

‘My Son, you have heard the old joke about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Now change it a little bit and ask yourself: “Which came first, the action or the reaction? Clearly, action always comes before reaction.’

‘There can be no reaction unless there has been an action some time in the past. This may seem simple, but there is an essential spiritual law hiding here. It says that nothing that has ever happened to you could have happened unless there was a cause that caused it to happen. Remember this principle: no reaction without an action, no effect without a cause.’

‘What have I taught you is the key to your personal progress on the spiritual path? What is the key to you raising your level of consciousness?’

The Warrior thinks for a moment, then answers: ‘You have taught me to look at my own reaction and to take responsibility for my reaction and my consciousness.’ The Master continues: ‘Right. The key consideration here is whether your nation took responsibility or whether it attempted to avoid responsibility. How does this relate to the concept of no effect without a cause?’ Avoiding responsibility ‘When you look at history, you see that individual human beings, groups of people and entire nations have always had a tendency to avoid taking responsibility. How do you avoid taking responsibility? You do so by projecting that when something unwanted happens to you, the cause is “out there. You never took an action that caused the event as a reaction. It was other people, faith, life, nature, the world or even God who were responsible for what happened to you.’

‘As we have already discussed, when you project that the cause is “out there, you dis-empower yourself. You project that the cause is in a realm where you are not in complete control of what happens. In the case of your nation, it projected that the cause of the attack was found in the realm of the enemy. Since your nation could not control the enemy, it saw no other way to react than to seek to destroy the enemy.’

‘A common way to avoid taking responsibility is that you look at an event in isolation. You refuse to consider that a given event can only be a reaction to some previous action. In your personal case, take the event where the bomb explodes and hurts your leg. You could say that you had not personally done anything to the persons who manufactured and planted the bomb. Their actions were a clear aggression against you and it was an unjustified action. You could now become very angry with these people and go on a mission of revenge, seeking to kill them. You could even say that you were doing this to prevent these people from hurting other “innocent people.’ The Warrior says: ‘I actually did feel exactly what you describe. The only reason I did not seek revenge was that my leg prevented me from doing so. Today, I realize that it was not so much my leg but my state of mind that incapacitated me.’ The Master says: ‘And that is my point. You did look at the event in isolation and you did project that the cause was in the realm of the enemy. Since you had no physical power to change the enemy, you went into a downward spiral of anger. It gradually incapacitated you psychologically until you were sitting on the street and expressing your anger by yelling profanities at people walking by, people who were not responsible, at least not directly, for your leg being hurt.’

‘My Son, my point here is not to make you feel bad about this. My point is to raise a simple question: “Was your reaction the best possible reaction? When we look at you and your personal future, could there have been a better reaction?’

‘As you have experienced now, it was not the best possible reaction. The alternative to building a downward spiral was to build the upward spiral you have built during your time in this retreat. You have done this by acknowledging that even though you had not done anything personally to the people who made the bomb, you had indeed chosen to go to war. You were in their country, you were disrupting their way of life, you could potentially have killed them or their family members.’

‘The event of the bomb hurting your leg may not have had a direct, linear cause in your own actions, but it did have an indirect cause. You had chosen to put yourself in a war situation, to put yourself in “harms way, as they say. In the “fog of war who can predict what might happen?’

‘Why did you make that choice? There was a cause in your own consciousness, namely your anger. By looking at the cause in your own consciousness and taking responsibility for it, you were no longer dis-empowered. You stopped projecting that the cause was in the realm of the enemy, a realm over which you had no direct control. You now saw that it was not your only option to seek to physically destroy the enemy. The alternative was to look at your own consciousness and change the cause there, something which you have the potential to take control over, as you are well on your way to doing.’

‘The same consideration applies to your nation. Was going to war the best possible reaction, or did it create a downward spiral from which your nation has not yet freed itself? Was there a better alternative, one that could have built an upward spiral?’

‘The obvious answer is that your nation could have stepped back and considered what it was in the national consciousness that caused it to be exposed to a violent attack. Has your nation ever in its history committed violent actions outside its own borders? Did it ever send soldiers, agents or corporations to exploit people in other nations? Does your nation have violence in its national consciousness? Does it have a tendency to respond to violence with more violence and feel that this is both necessary and justified? Do your movies and books glorify violence or portray it as the only solution to certain problems?’

‘If you claim to be a Christian nation, you should be willing to do what the Great Master told you to do, namely to stop looking at the splinter in the eyes of your brother and to look at the beam in your own eye. This is truly taking responsibility for your situation instead of making your brother “responsible and dis-empowering yourself. This is taking back your power to control your own destiny instead of allowing it to be controlled by the Machine.’

‘Whenever an unwanted event happens in the life of an individual or a nation, the most productive response is to consider what cause you have set in motion in the past that has precipitated this event. With cause I do not only mean physical actions but also your state of consciousness. I have told you many times that the ultimate cause of everything is consciousness. There is always a cause in consciousness that precedes any physical event.’ How consciousness is the ultimate cause The Warrior asks: ‘In one way, I see what you are saying, but I am still confused. I know this is my linear mind talking, but when you say that any event that happens is a reaction from the universe to an action I have taken previously, it makes me wonder what started the sequence? How was it possible to take an initial action when any event is a reaction to a previous action? Who took that first action? I know this may be a silly question?’

.‘My Son, there are no silly questions, only questions that have not yet been replaced by understanding. First of all, you need to make a distinction between events that you did not directly choose and events that you did choose.’

‘In your case, you did not directly choose to have a bomb blow off your leg. It is what I called an “unwanted event. An unwanted event never happens “out of the blue, it must have a cause in the past. In your case, the immediate cause was a reaction from the universe to the fact that you were in a war situation. You did directly choose to go to war. You were not forced to do this; you had alternatives.’

‘The short answer is that there are three kinds of events that we deal with in the material universe. There are initial actions we take as a result of making a choice. Then there are reactions that are the consequences of some previous initial action. Finally, there are new choices we make as a response to the consequences of our previous actions. This is what for most people have built a downward spiral of action and reaction that obscures the fact that they have power to change their material lives by changing what is in their consciousness.’

‘Unfortunately, your culture brings up children without a basic understanding of how the universe works. In the East, you have teachings about karma. It is seen as an action that creates an impulse that will come back to you in the future, possibly in a future lifetime. Your culture denies this because the original teachings of the Great Master on this topic were taken out of the Christian religion for political reasons. Of course, the religion of materialism also denies any preexistence of a soul.’

‘Your science has taught you about action and reaction, but most people do not understand this in terms of energy. I do not teach the same concept of karma found in many Eastern religions because I find it too linear and fatalistic. The strictest concept of karma says that everything in your life is predetermined by your actions in a past life.’

‘This does indeed raise the question of how you were able to start your karmic spiral. The obvious answer is that you made a choice, but why would your previous choices take away your ability to make choices in the present? I teach that although your past choices have limited the options available to you in the present, you always have the option to change your state of consciousness. Doing this will have profound effects on your physical circumstances, as you yourself have started to prove. It will also have profound effects on what options you are able to see.’

 ‘I teach that when you make a choice and take an initial action, you generate an energy impulse that you send into the universe. Einstein speculated that if you send a spaceship out from the earth and if it continues flying in the same direction, it will one day return to earth from the opposite direction. He said that the space-time continuum forms a closed loop. He was right.’

‘What I add to this is that the space-time continuum has four levels or octaves, namely the identity octave, the mental octave, the emotional octave and the physical octave. When you take an action in the physical octave, you generate an energy impulse. This is not what science calls energy, such as electricity or sunlight, but a higher or finer form of energy. It travels into the three other octaves. After some time it will inevitably return to its point of origin, meaning you, and it may then precipitate a physical event.’ Breaking the spirals from the past ‘Notice that I said it “may precipitate a physical event. Whether it does so or not depends on what you have done with your state of consciousness in the time it took the impulse to return to you.’

‘This is exactly what the Great Master, and other spiritual teachers, have been trying to tell you by the concept of turning the other cheek. Contrary to official doctrine, the Great Master was fully aware of the principle I am describing here. He was aware that we live many times and that our present lifetime is in fundamental ways limited by choices made in past and forgotten lifetimes. He knew the role of consciousness, and that is why he told you to look at the beam in your own eye.’

‘Jesus knew that as a human being in the physical octave, you have a basic choice: Will you continue the spirals you have created in the past or will you break those spirals?’

‘When you look at this planet, it is obvious that there is much violence, much use of force. At some time in the past, you made the choice to commit an act of violence against another person. Why did you do this? Because you had patterns of violence in your three higher bodies. In your identity body you had the belief that you are a separate being and that you can use violence against another person without hurting yourself. In your mental body you had sophisticated arguments for justifying the violence. In your emotional body you had spirals of fear, anger or hatred energy that made it seem inevitable to take violent actions.’

‘Your physical action was caused by the matrices found in the three higher bodies. It has a non-physical cause. Your initial action created an energy impulse that was sent into the three higher octaves. It was eventually returned to you. As it crossed the border to the physical octave, it precipitated an event where you were exposed to violence. The initial action you took may have happened in a previous lifetime and is now forgotten. What has not changed is that you still have matrices of violence in your three higher bodies.’

‘When you are exposed to physical violence, you refuse to acknowledge that this is caused by your own initial action. You project that the cause is “out there in the person committing the violence against you. This person’s actions are unprovoked by anything you have done in the past. You react with anger, and you may take a new action based on violence, seeking revenge or seeking to punish or incapacitate your attacker. This generates another energy impulse that is sent into the universe. When it comes back, you again react with anger, but this time it is the accumulated anger from all past events. You now send out an even more powerful impulse. When it is returned, the violence you experience is even more severe.’

‘You are now trapped in a downward spiral. Your own state of consciousness precipitates violence. Because you refuse to take responsibility for this, you react with violence, which only reinforces the spiral. Pretty soon the energies have become so overwhelming that you are trapped in fear-based reactions. You have lost the ability to turn the other cheek.’

‘It is precisely this tendency to react to violent events with more violence that originally created the Machine. Continuing and reinforcing these spirals can only strengthen the Machine and the grip it has on people. The Machine survives through the basic illusion of earth, namely that a physical event that happens to you has no cause in your own state of consciousness. This causes people to react to events based on the attitude that other people caused them. They now go into the reaction of seeking to control or destroy other people.’

‘Those other people see your actions as an aggression against them, and they now seek to control you through force. Both sides in the conflict feel disempowered because they project that the cause is outside themselves. They see no other way out than to use force to get the other people to change. The Machine has blinded them to the alternative, namely to change your own state of consciousness and thereby change the real cause behind all events that happen to you.’

‘How could the planetary downward spiral of conflict ever be broken? Some people have to see the dynamics of the situation and use their ability to choose to respond to violence without violence.’

‘The Great Master knew this. He knew that for thousands of years, people had reinforced these energy spirals. Look at how this is still going on in the Middle East and many other parts of the world. That is precisely why he called his true disciples to help break this planetary spiral. There is only one way to do this. It is to stop responding to violence with a violent reaction. You can do this only by turning the other cheek and continuing to turn the other cheek even if you are attacked repeatedly.’

The Warrior asks: ‘Many people would say that the people who attacked our nation must have chosen to take that action, meaning we did not force or cause them to do so.’ The Master replies: ‘Yes, the people did choose. Your nation did not force them to choose to attack others, nor did it force them to choose you as the target for their actions. These people were caught in their personal spiral. It was this spiral that caused them to feel a need to take action against others.’

‘How did your nation become the target for these people’s aggression? Partly because of its physical position and actions, but mainly because of your nation’s past spirals. Everything you do is done with energy. It is possible to see the energy spirals that people have created. If you could see this, you would clearly see that nothing can happen to you unless you are vulnerable to such events because of the energy spirals you, or your nation, have created in the past. Unless your nation had an energy spiral that made you vulnerable, you could not have been attacked. Your enemy would have found another target.’

‘You always face a simple choice. Will I project that the cause is out there and dis-empower myself? Or will I accept that the cause is in my own consciousness and look there, taking back my power to change my destiny? Yes, the people attacking your nation made a choice, but you became the target because you had also made violent choices in the past. By responding with violence, you will not free yourself from these action-reaction patterns. By looking at your national consciousness and overcoming the tendency to use force, you will indeed produce a peaceful future for your nation.’ The Warrior asks: ‘I see what you are saying, but I do not understand how my past actions precipitated a particular event, such as me losing my leg?’ The Master responds: ‘The science of quantum physics has discovered the borderline between the physical octave and the three higher octaves. Scientists are aware that beyond the material world is another realm, sometimes called the realm of probability. Nothing in the probability realm has physical, material existence. It exists in a more fluid state where it has the potential to manifest as a physical particle or event. You cannot predict with certainty what will manifest, you can only predict with probability.’

‘What scientists have not yet understood is that they have only uncovered a small corner of the process that leads to the manifestation of physical conditions and events. The process also has an aspect that relates to each human being personally.’

‘In the past, you chose to perform certain actions. I call them “initial actions” because they initiated an energy impulse that was sent into the three higher octaves. When that energy impulse comes back to you, it starts descending through the three higher octaves. In each octave, the energy impulse will either be weakened or reinforced. The determining factor is the matrices in your three higher bodies.’

‘Say you generated an energy impulse through an act of violence. You did this because you had matrices of violence in your three higher bodies. As the impulse returns to you, it first enters your identity body. If you still have matrices of violence here, or if you have reinforced them, the energy impulse will be accelerated by this and move into the mental body. If you had removed some or all of the violent matrices from your identity body, the energy impulse would not be reinforced but would lose some of its power. It would still enter the mental body but with a reduced momentum.’

‘The same process is repeated in the mental and emotional bodies. If you still have matrices of violence, or if you have reinforced them, the energy impulse will cross the border to the physical octave. It will then precipitate an event where you are exposed to violence. It may be even more intense violence than the initial action taken by you. If you have transcended all matrices of violence and built a positive energy spiral in your four lower bodies, the returning energy impulse will be completely consumed before it can manifest as a physical event.’

‘What you have been doing over these many months by invoking love-based energy is to generate a positive spiral that can consume some of the energy impulses coming back to you from the past. My Son, if you had not done this work but had stayed on the street, you would have been exposed to violence that would have taken you out of embodiment.’

How to turn the other cheek

The Warrior asks: ‘I see this now, but I want to understand why it is so hard for us to turn the other cheek. In the army, everyone was convinced that Jesus could not truly have meant to turn the other cheek to all forms of attack. Most people in my country think we have a right to self-defense, even on the national level.’ The Master continues: ‘Consider what it would take for a person to follow the command to turn the other cheek. You cannot do this as long as you have matrices of violence in your three higher bodies. These will inevitable overpower your conscious mind. You are not able to choose to refrain from reacting violently when someone strikes you on one cheek. You do not have freedom of choice because the energy spirals in the three higher bodies color your conscious mind. This predisposes you towards either submitting or responding violently.’

‘Many people will say that they do not strike back when attacked. Refraining from taking physical action is not the same as turning the other cheek. Many people feel disempowered when attacked or they are afraid they do not have the power to defeat their attacker. Such people do not take violent actions, but they still react with violence, only it is directed against themselves. Forcing yourself to suppress violent actions based on fear is violence against yourself. Only when you are free from fear and feel only love, can you truly turn the other cheek.’

‘Only by clearing the energy spirals in the three higher bodies, will you reclaim your freedom of choice. You can then see options that you could not see before. You have the freedom to choose a non-violent reaction, knowing that it will help to set you free from the treadmill of the energy impulses from the past. This is the only way to free yourself from the influence of the Machine. Otherwise, you will remain trapped in the spiral of reacting to violence with violence. This is the Machine’s most powerful tool for controlling human beings and milking them for their vital energy.’

‘To return to your question of how your nation could have responded to the initial attack, you could have been true to your Christian roots and used the attack as an opportunity to look at the beam in the eye of the national psyche. “How did we precipitate such a violent attack? What kind of violent matrices do we have in the identity, mental and emotional bodies of the collective mind? What could we gain from looking at and transcending these matrices so we do not perpetuate a spiral of violence?”’

‘Because your nation was not willing or ready to do this, it reinforced the tendency to respond to violence with violence. It even reasoned that this was justified by the teachings of Christ. Your nation reacted with a more violent force than the force with which it was attacked. This can be seen by the fact that your nation’s reaction has killed many more people and destroyed far more property than the initial attack.’

‘This has created very powerful energy impulses that are sent into the space-time continuum. They will inevitably be returned to your nation in the future, and they have the potential to precipitate other violent events. There is still a potential for these impulses to be consumed before they cross the line to the physical octave. For that to happen, your nation needs to break the negative spiral and start building a positive spiral by looking at the beam in the national eye.’

‘You may feel powerless to do anything about this as an individual, but by purifying your own mind, you have done something to purify the national psyche. If enough individuals do the same, it will have an impact at the national level. After all, the national psyche is a compilation of the individual psyches of the citizens of that nation. The best way to change your nation is to start by changing your own consciousness. The effect you see as physical conditions must follow a change in the cause of consciousness.’

What keeps the spiral of war alive

The Warrior asks: ‘What I hear you saying is that the only way to stop war is to stop responding to violence with violence by turning the other cheek again and again. I understand what you are saying, but it is so contrary to the mindset of my nation and especially the mindset of the army. I cannot even begin to see how this mindset could be changed anytime soon.’ The Master replies: ‘It cannot be changed anytime soon, but it can be changed. Your nation has already entered a course of gradually reducing its propensity for violence. It still has not truly made the shift that will accelerate this spiral and make it irreversible, and that is why the event that sent you to war could happen. If your nation had responded to this event without violence, it would have won an important victory and made the upward spiral irreversible. As it is now, your nation’s future still hangs in the balance.’ The Warrior asks: ‘Master, what about the people in the army or in the political establishment who say that it is necessary for us to have an army that can defend us against totalitarian nations? They would say that your ideas are unrealistic and they would point to the need for the free world to have an army. They would say that had it not been for the strength and deterrent of the army, the world would have been taken over by Nazism or Communism.’

The Master replies: ‘And I would agree with them— up to a point. If you look at the past century in isolation, you do see certain totalitarian forces driven by an aggressive ideology that compelled them to seek world domination. I agree that had the so-called free world (no part of the world is free from the Machine) not had an army, these forces would have attained world domination. Yet how long would they have been able to maintain it?’

‘The entire problem in today’s world is that the Machine has obscured reality so that people do not see the cause-effect sequences. They do not understand that any aggressive action will generate an energy impulse that is sent into the four octaves. When the impulse comes back to you, this will limit your ability to take further aggressive actions.’

‘The challenge of life as it currently unfolds on this planet is that it is indeed possible for an individual to take a violent action against others and seemingly get away with it. It is possible for an aggressive empire to gain control over a large part of the world and get away with this for a time. What people do not see is that this can only be done by generating energy impulses. When these impulses are returned – as they inevitably will be – they will limit the individual or incapacitate the dictatorship. Any force seeking world domination can be successful only for a time. It will inevitably be destroyed by the return of its own aggressive impulses.’

‘What the Great Master knew was that if you do turn the other cheek, then you do not make yourself part of the Machine. The absolutely only way to avoid being controlled by the Machine is to refrain from responding to violence with violence.’

‘How has the Machine managed to attain control over the world and how does it maintain this control? It does so by putting individuals and nations in a situation where they are exposed to violence or the threat of violence and then making them feel they have to respond to this by using force.’

‘When another person makes the choice to use force against you, that person will inevitably generate an energy impulse that is sent into the four octaves. If you follow the advice of the Great Master and turn the other cheek, you will not generate an energy impulse based on fear. You will remain clear of the cause-effect spiral built by the other person. If you respond with violence, you will send a fear-based energy impulse out, and this will draw you into the cause-effect spiral started by the other person.’

The planetary lesson

‘My Son, look back at the history of the last 2000-year cycle. Humankind was meant to learn an important lesson during this time. This lesson was taught and demonstrated by the incarnation of the Great Master. His teaching and his example was very clear. It has since been somewhat obscured by the Machine after it took over the religion that claims to represent him. Yet the teaching has still been there for those willing to look beyond official doctrines.’

‘What is the lesson? It is that in this cycle, it is necessary for humankind to learn how to break the spiral of violence leading to more violence. This can be done in only one way. When other people take aggressive actions against you, you must refrain from responding with violence. You must turn the other cheek.’

‘Surely, in some cases this will cause them to strike you on the other cheek as well. How long should you continue turning the other cheek? Did not the Great Master tell you to forgive seventy times seven? Did he not demonstrate by example that he was willing to die physically rather than compromise his non-violent principles?’

‘Did he not say that if you seek to save your – physical – life, you shall lose your life in a spiritual sense? Did he not thereby tell you that if you want to gain immortal spiritual life, you must stand by your principles even if you are killed for doing so?’

‘Now consider what would have happened over the past 2,000 years if people had truly grasped and lived the teachings of the Great Master. Humankind would have stopped the downward spirals that cause the Machine to have control over this planet. Instead, an upward planetary spiral would have been built. In that case the world would not have experienced the great conflicts you have seen over the past century. Why is the world seeing these existential conflicts between ideologies, religions and systems of thought? It is because people have not learned the essential lesson. The conflicts created by the Machine have therefore become more pronounced, more extreme. The purpose is to make them so extreme that people finally wake up and say: “This cannot go on. We must find a better way.”’

‘Why do you think weapons have emerged that are so powerful anyone using them will bring about not only the destruction of their enemy but their own destruction as well? Why do you think it has been necessary for people to experience two world wars? It is because the lesson has not been learned. People have continued to send out energy impulses based on violence. When these impulses are returned by the cosmic mirror, they precipitate even more violent physical events. This will literally continue until a critical mass of people wake up and start breaking the spiral.’

‘Your generals and politicians are right in the short term. If your nation had not had a large army over the past century, the world would indeed have been overrun by either this or that totalitarian force. One can therefore say that is was, from a short-term perspective, justified for the so-called free world to resist the growth of totalitarianism.’

‘If one looks at this only from a short-term perspective, one will miss the essential lesson. By your country resisting totalitarianism, it has also put itself into the cause-effect spiral initiated by the totalitarian forces controlled by the Machine. This has put your nation even more firmly under the control of the Machine than it was before.’

‘Again, the essential way for the Machine to control people is simple. The Machine has taken control over the mind of one person. It now gets that person to take a violent action against another person. If the second person responds in any way short of turning the other cheek, the second person is drawn into the cause-effect spiral. Absolutely any reaction short of turning the other cheek will put you under the control of the Machine. The greater the amount of violent matrices and energies you accumulate in your four lower bodies, the stronger will be the Machine’s control over you. This is simply the mechanics of how life currently is on this planet.’ Self-annihilation and self-preservation ‘This is also the case on the level of relations between nations or groups of nations. Weapons have now become so powerful that using them would mean suicide. Only this has prevented a third world war. How bizarre is it that humankind has to be brought to the brink of self-annihilation in order to attain at least some willingness to stop the spiral of violence?’

‘Your generals and politicians are right that in the short-term it can be necessary to resist large-scale violence. It is also necessary to have a police force to protect people from criminals. Yet one also needs to step back and ask why one lives in a world where violence is common, even why one lives in a world where violence is possible? One needs to ask if there is a better way.’

‘The better way was given to humankind by the Great Master 2,000 years ago. If a critical mass of people had internalized his teachings, then humankind would not have had to experience the conflicts you have seen over the past century. Your huge army would not have been necessary. Why does a nation think it needs a huge army? Because it thinks it has a powerful enemy. The peculiar fact is that your enemy thinks it needs its army to defend itself against you.’

‘This is the spell that blinds people and keeps them trapped in a spiral of violence. It is a spell that was created by the Machine and it is upheld by the Machine. The Great Master called for his true disciples to wake up and break this spell. If enough people in the modern world heed this call, then the spell can indeed be broken.’

‘After the attack that sent you to war, your nation could have looked at the beam in its own eye. There comes a point where one needs to step back. One needs to acknowledge that if one has a powerful enemy, then one needs to ask: “What have we done in the past to precipitate this enemy? What are the spirals of violence in our national consciousness that precipitated this enemy? How long do we want to continue being trapped in this spiral? Is it possible that if we pulled the beam of violence from our own eye, then we would gradually move out of a situation where we are threatened by an enemy? Is it possible we could take control over our national destiny and precipitate a situation where we are no longer threatened by any enemy?”’

‘This, of course, is very difficult to do at the national level. It is much easier to do at the individual level where one person at a time wakes up and starts freeing him- or herself from the Machine. As a critical mass of people do this, the nation must inevitably follow.’

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