The Power of SELF - Chapter 2

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Part one — A frame of reference from outside the human perception filter

Chapter 2 | How the ascended masters can help you

What we have done in the previous chapter is to start out with science, which is a good example of how we human beings have taken what we can see from inside our mental box, and then we have gradually expanded our vision and understanding from there. However, what quantum physics has now done is to prove that there must be something beyond the box of the material universe. And this something must have a form of consciousness that is more sophisticated than our own. At this point, this is as far as science can take us; this is as far as we can go by looking from inside the box.

So let us now take this and ask a logical question: If there are beings outside the material universe, if these beings have created the universe and if they have sent us in here to co-create the world with them, is it likely that they would just leave us alone? And if they haven’t left us alone, is it possible that they have given us teachings that can tell us something that we simply could not see from inside the box? And could these teachings help us unlock the power of Self and ultimately ascend permanently beyond the human mental box and the material universe? In other words, there will come a point on your personal path, where you need to consider what kind of teacher you want: one who is inside the human mental box or one who is outside of it?

What kind of teacher do you want?

As we have seen, you are right now looking at life through a particular sense of self. We might say that this self forms a mental box around the real you, and the mental box colors they way you see everything, including yourself. So the very key to changing your Life Experience is to go beyond the mental box, to see something that is outside the limitations that seem so real. Yet you simply cannot do that by using the ideas, beliefs, experiences and perceptions that are already inside the box.

Why not? Because everything you see from inside the box will only confirm the reality of the box. The only way to break the spell is to reach for something that will challenge the box, some frame of reference that is beyond the box. So where do you get it? Well, the simple answer is that you need a teacher who is not inside your personal mental box. Let me illustrate this with an example.
As a child you probably worked on some of these little puzzles, where you have to draw a line through a labyrinth in order to find a treasure in the middle. Here is a simple example:                                                           

Image 3 - Maze


You may even have visited a real labyrinth or maze made out of tall hedges that form a complex pattern. Once you are inside such a labyrinth, you have a very limited perspective. All you can see is green walls that form a narrow corridor. As you walk down the corridor, you run into a wall, but to one side is an opening. If you turn, you end up in another corridor, which leads to another one. Once in a while you come to a place where there are two or more openings. You choose one, but it only leads to a dead end, and now you have to retrace your steps in order to get back to where you started. You can then choose another opening, hoping it will lead you somewhere.

Isn’t this a fitting metaphor for how we all start out in life? We have a very limited perspective on life, and all we can see is our immediate environment. We have no clear idea of how we got into this mess and where it is all leading—if anywhere. And the real problem is that while we are inside the labyrinth, we don’t have a map, so how can we know where we are and how to get to the exit?

Now imagine that as you are fumbling around, you meet a person who tells you she has found this wonderful open space in the labyrinth, where there is a fountain with refreshing waters. She gives you directions, and after some twists and turns, you manage to find the place. It is nice to be in an open space and the water is great, but after a while, you realize you are still stuck in the maze and you still have no idea where the exit is—or whether there even is an exit.

The person you met is a symbol for people who have found something you haven’t found, and thus they can indeed give you valid advice. Yet they are still as stuck in the maze as you are. So now imagine that you come to the realization, that you have had enough of walking around blindly. You want something different. You want advice from someone who has cracked the code and found the way out of the maze. You want directions from someone who has found a map and can help you plot a course to the exit.

You then find an opening with a bench, so you sit down and lean back. Suddenly, you look up, and you see a tall tower rising out of the maze. It has a round platform on top, and around it are a number of figures who are giving directions to people down in the maze. You realize that these figures can see the maze from above, so they can tell exactly where you are relative to the exit. You then jump up on the bench and start waving your arms in order to get the attention of one of the figures in the tower. One of them soon notices you and asks what you want. You tell him you want to get out, and he tells you: “Start walking!”

As you begin to follow the directions of your elevated guide, you realize he has a unique way of teaching. He won’t make choices for you, but he will give you enough of a hint that you can figure it out for yourself. In fact, after a while, you begin to realize that while he is taking you towards the exit, he is not taking you along the most direct route. The reason is that your guide realizes there are certain experiences you need to have before you are ready to leave the maze behind. And he skillfully guides you to exactly where you need to go in order to take the next step.

Our universal teachers
This book will outline a systematic path that can help you develop your own personal relationship with our spiritual or ascended teachers and with your own higher self. The elevated guides in the tower of my fictional maze are a symbol for these teachers. They have been in embodiment as we are, so they know what we are going through. Yet they have solved the human enigma and found their way out of the maze, so they can give us a perspective that we could not get from inside the labyrinth.

We all have one of these teachers assigned to us, and they have been guiding us on our personal journey to the extent that we have been able to hear them and willing to follow their directions. The purpose of this book is to make you consciously aware of your spiritual teachers, so you can start following their directions in a more awakened and deliberate way—which will naturally speed up your progress tremendously.

If you apply the teachings and tools in this book, you will soon stop feeling like you are bumbling around in a hostile environment and getting nowhere. Instead, you will come to feel that you are – and always have been – following exactly the path that you personally need to follow in order to get where you really want to go in life. This includes finding the places you need to visit inside the maze while moving ever closer to the exit—which is really the entry to a much broader level of reality.

You are ready for a higher teaching
As I already mentioned, the basic credo of our spiritual teachers is this: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You have found this book, which means that at some level of your being, you are ready for the teachings and tools offered by our ascended teachers. Yet think back to the metaphor of the maze. The reality is that each of us has a personal maze that we need to navigate in order to find our way in life. And that maze exists inside our own minds.


 The key to increasing your awareness of Self is to cultivate the habit of self-observation.


Your personal maze is made up of the beliefs and experiences you have had on your total journey in the material universe. The point being that while you are certainly ready for this book at the deeper levels of your being, it is entirely possible that you have certain hurdles you need to overcome before you can make full use of this book. You may have certain beliefs or preconceived opinions that block your acceptance of what this book teaches. Or they might block you from applying the tools you will receive.

The way to deal with this is to realize a simple truth. The essential key to unlocking the power of Self is to become more aware of the Self. And the key to increasing your awareness of Self is to cultivate the habit of self-observation. Let me put this another way. Unlocking the power of Self is a matter of finding your way to the center – the treasure chamber – of your personal maze. Yet your maze is very tricky, because there is no pathway that leads directly to the center. Just take a closer look at the maze on Image 3 (see the next page).

The walls in your maze are made out of your limiting beliefs and preconceived opinions—they are like the hedge plants in a real labyrinth.                                                                

Image 3 - Maze 

So it is not a matter of finding an open pathway, because there is none. All of the pathways are blocked by your pet opinions.

How do you crack the enigma; how do you get to the center of Self? Well, when you come to a dead end, you have to take a different approach. The dead end is blocked by an opinion or belief that you have never actually taken a look at, because you have always taken it for granted. So what you have to do is to step back and take a critical look. You have to question why you believe what you believe, and you have to see how it limits your progress. And then you have to decide to walk right through it, in order to find the pathway that is hidden behind the unexamined belief.


 The dead end of your personal growth is an opinion or belief that you have never actually taken a look at, because you have always taken it for granted.


                                                                                                          Imagine that you are in a real maze, and after walking around for a long time, you realize there simply is no pathway that leads to the center. Yet when taking a critical look, you realize that the plants that form the hedges have narrow openings between them. So instead of walking around the walls, you have to take a fundamentally different approach and walk through the walls. And only then will you make progress towards your personal treasure chamber.

What is an ascended master?
As we have seen, the material world is made out of the same stuff as the spiritual world, only the energy has been reduced to a lower vibration than the spiritual realm. This means that the spiritual realm is not separated from our world by some kind of barrier. The material world exists within the larger energy field of the spiritual realm. The spiritual world is right around us; only it has a higher vibration so we cannot see it. Yet we can sense it through our intuitive faculties, as we will see later.                                           

Image 4 - The Spiritual World is around us

We have also seen that our consciousness can interact with quantum stuff, and the reason is that there is a form of consciousness at the quantum level. That consciousness is a number of self-aware beings who have created the material world. These beings could be called creative beings, quantum beings or our ascended or spiritual teachers. Yet I prefer to call them the ascended masters. The term “ascended master” indicates something important. An ascended being was once in a denser realm, as we are now, and has then ascended from there. The ascended master qualified for this ascension by attaining mastery over its own mind, thereby unlocking its creative potential and attaining mastery over its environment. It was this mastery that qualified it for the ascension and made it an ascended master. Take note that not all ascended masters ascended from earth, but they did ascend from a situation similar to what we face.

The process followed by all ascended masters is the exact same process that we are engaged in right now. We are all ascended masters in the making. This means that the ascended masters know from first-hand experience what we are going through. They started out with a limited state of consciousness, just as we have right now. They then gradually climbed towards greater mastery, until they attained the full mastery that is our own very realistic potential. This means the ascended masters are the perfect teachers for us. They are not some high-and-mighty god-like figures, who are sitting up there on a pink cloud without ever getting their hands dirty. They know exactly what it feels like to be trapped at the macroscopic level, but they also know how to systematically climb towards the mastery of mind over matter.

The ascended masters do not have a physical body like we do, and as a result they do not perceive the world through the limited senses of the body. This means they see far more than we see; they have a much more complete view of the world and how it works. Which is another reason they can be useful to us as seekers of higher understanding.

Why have you never heard about ascended masters?
Why have you never been told that we have ascended teachers? Well, partly because the term has only been in use for a little over a century, but you have actually heard about the influence of universal spiritual teachers throughout history.

Our spiritual teachers have only one goal, namely to help us raise our state of consciousness. They do not – repeat: do not – seek to accomplish this goal by developing the ultimate religion or thought system. Instead, they work with people at whatever level they are at, and they seek to help them rise to the next level up. The ascended masters work with a civilization based on its current world view, and then they seek to help people by introducing ideas that people can accept but which can help them transcend their current world view. Thus, the masters often work incognito by inspiring people in embodiment, and people have no idea where their brilliant ideas come from.

There have always been universal teachers offering their assistance to people who are open. Throughout the ages, they have sought to work with many different individuals in order to introduce new ideas, that could help people in a given culture and at a given level of consciousness come up higher. The ascended masters have inspired all of the world’s major religions and many lesser-known religions. They have inspired many philosophical ideas. They have inspired literature, music, plays and other cultural phenomena. They have inspired science and many forms of technology, because this has given us the freedom to pursue personal growth, rather than working at the “sweat of our brow.”

Yet the masters also attempt to give people who are open a more coherent collection of universal ideas, and these ideas will be presented in this book. You can then make your own evaluation of whether they can help you answer life’s fundamental questions.

Why is there no proof that the masters exist?
If the ascended masters have been with us throughout human history, why isn’t their existence commonly accepted? The most basic reason is that planet earth is subject to the Law of Free Will. This means that plausible deniability must be maintained, and that is why the masters cannot give us an irrefutable proof of their existence.

The ascended masters teach that there are numerous planets in the universe that are inhabited by self-aware beings like us. A planet is a kind of schoolroom for the inhabitants, so one can evaluate a planet based on how far the inhabitants have developed their creative abilities. Is the collective consciousness at the kindergarten level or have the inhabitants risen to the college level?

Planet earth is currently at a rather low level of development, which means that most inhabitants on earth are below a certain level of awareness. This is the level where people have a desire to feel that they are separate beings who live in a separate world. The only way we can have that experience is because matter on earth is so dense, that it hides the fact that it is created from a finer substance. In other words, when seen through our physical senses, matter appears to be solid and appears to be existing on its own. It does not appear to be made of spiritual energy, and that is why we can believe that the material world is either separated from God or is self-contained.

The earth is currently in a transition phase, where we are rising to a higher level of collective awareness. Yet at this point, the Law of Free Will mandates that people must be able to deny the existence of God or ascended masters. People must be able to maintain the illusion that they are separate beings living in a separate world. Thus, there will not be an irrefutable proof of the existence of God or ascended masters for the foreseeable future. Which means that you can prove the existence of ascended masters only on an individual level, as we will talk about in a coming chapter.

This also explains how the teachings in this book are brought forth. Because of the need for deniability, the masters cannot let their teachings fall from the sky. Thus, they give their teachings through people who have raised their consciousness to the point, where they can make direct contact with the masters and thus receive ideas or even spoken messages from the masters. This makes it easy for people to write off the masters and their teachings by labeling them according to their present belief system.

We can now see another reason why you have never heard of ascended masters. When the student is ready, the ascended teacher appears. You cannot truly acknowledge the existence of the masters until you are ready for their teachings. Which means that since you are reading this book, you are definitely ready to take a closer look at the ascended masters and what they teach.

Why are the masters important?
Why is it important to be open to the existence of ascended masters? The most immediate reason is that there are some answers that we simply cannot g et through materialistic means or even through a certain level of consciousness. If you want answers beyond your current level of consciousness, you have to first seek these answers from a source that is beyond your level. And then, you can gradually raise your consciousness to the level, where you can validate the ideas directly from within the Self.

Consider a fact that has been largely overlooked by modern civilization, namely that the human mind can become a closed system. Look at medieval times, when the church had created a doctrine which said that the earth was the center of the universe. On top of that, the church said that if you questioned or looked beyond doctrine, you would burn forever in hell. As long as you accepted the church’s claim, there was no way you could question the medieval world view.

We have all been brought up to believe that it was science that broke the church’s stranglehold on the human mind, but is that the whole truth? What if the deeper reality was that some of the first scientists – who saw themselves as deeply spiritual people – were able to attune their minds to the ascended masters? And through that attunement, these early explorers were able to receive inspiration and insights for how they could take humankind to the next evolutionary level.

The ascended masters say that the growth in human knowledge has not happened only through the mind’s ability to gather knowledge horizontally. It has also happened through the Self’s ability to gather knowledge vertically, namely by tuning in to a higher source. That higher source is the ascended masters.

As I said, many ascended masters have been in embodiment on earth, and therefore they have an intimate understanding of the challenges we face while we look at the world through the filter of our current mental boxes. And that is precisely why they have made it their labor of love to help us transcend our limited perception, so we can not only know the Self but unleash the inherent power of the Self. Why are they doing this? Well, let us take a closer look.

Why do ascended masters care about us?
If ascended masters exist in a higher realm that is beyond the limitations of the material world, why would they care about us? If the spiritual realm is so much better than this world, why don’t they simply enjoy themselves and leave us to fend for ourselves? Do they need anything from us; do they have some kind of agenda?

The masters teach that the consciousness through which most of us see the world is a consciousness of separation. Because we have become focused on the surface level of appearances, we are focused on the differences that set things apart. As a result, we perceive ourselves as being separated from God and the spiritual realm, we perceive ourselves as being separated from other humans, and we perceive ourselves as being separated from our environment, meaning the planet upon which we live. We are blinded by a veil of illusion, namely the illusion of separation.



 Most of us see the world through the consciousness of separation, because we have become focused on the surface level of appearances.


                                                                                                          In contrast to our view, the ascended masters are not blinded by the veil of separation. They clearly see the world the way we should see it based on the theory of relativity and quantum physics. The masters see that while there are certain divisions in the world, there are no impenetrable barriers.

Everything is made from one basic substance that has simply taken on different forms. The masters actually say that everything in both the spiritual realm and the material realm is made from a basic substance, which they call the Ma-ter light or the Mother light. This substance has no form in itself, which is why it cannot be detected by any material instruments. However, it has the potential to take on any form and we will later discuss how the Mother light takes on form.

The ascended masters see that separation is an illusion that seems plausible only when you look at the world through the filter of a certain state of consciousness. This dualistic consciousness filters out the underlying reality that everything is made from the same substance and ultimately springs from the same source.

The ascended masters do not see themselves as separated from us. The masters see themselves as extensions of beings at even higher levels, and they see that this “chain of being” goes all the way to the Creator. The masters also see that we are the latest extensions of the chain of being, and thus they see us as their own brothers and sisters. They see that we are simply trapped behind the veil of duality, also called the energy veil (abbreviated to evil). The masters clearly see that it is the illusion of separation that causes all of the conflicts and suffering found on earth, and thus they have no other desire or agenda than to offer us the tools to raise our consciousness, so we can see beyond the veil and know who we truly are.                   

The purpose of the world of form
The masters teach that the purpose of the world of form is to serve as an environment in which self-aware beings can start out with a very localized self-awareness, and they can then gradually expand that self-awareness. The masters teach that God is not a Being who is fundamentally different from us. The Creator is a Being with the ultimate level of self-awareness, but because we were created from the Creator’s Being, we have the potential to expand our self-awareness to the same level as our Creator.

The ascended masters do not see us as being different from or lower than themselves. They see us as beings who have not yet attained their level of self-awareness, and they have volunteered to take on the role of serving as our guides or teachers. Their overall goal is to help us raise our self-awareness, but their specific goal is to help us raise our self-awareness to the point, where we are completely free from the illusion of separation.

When we do escape this illusion, we see that all life is one, and this is when we have passed the final exam in “Schoolroom Terra,” which means we can now permanently move on to higher realms of energy. This is what the masters call the process of the ascension. Yet although Christianity also talks about Jesus ascending, there are some important differences between Christian beliefs and ascended master teachings. Christianity teaches that Jesus was the only one who ascended, as even his mother was only “assumed” into heaven. Christianity also portrays this as a physical process of Jesus’ body being raised to heaven.

The ascended masters teach that we all have the potential to ascend. But this is not a physical process; it is a process whereby we raise our consciousness, until we leave the physical body behind and move into a higher level of self-awareness, in which we have no need for a physical body. Instead, we take on a spiritual body, meaning a body made from the higher energy frequencies that make up the spiritual realm. And because the ascended masters have faced the same challenges we now face, they know exactly how to help us overcome these challenges and attain self-mastery.

Ascended masters and the power of Self
What we have seen up until this point is that the entire material universe is made from spiritual energy that is reduced to the material frequency spect rum. This stream of energy is literally the driving force that created and sustains the universe. So when many self-help or spiritual teachings say, that by changing your mind you can change your material circumstances, what is the deeper reality behind this claim?

Consider the fact that everything at the macroscopic level is made from energy. How can you change a material circumstance, such as a disease in your body? Well, the best way to create change is to work at the level of energy, the level of cause rather than the level of effect. Why is your body sick? Because your cells have taken on so much low-frequency energy that they cannot function normally. What is the logical way to heal your body? It is to free your cells from the burden of this energy, whereby they will again function in a natural way.

Scientists have shown that when two energy waves meet, they create an interference pattern. A high-frequency wave can raise the vibration of a low-frequency wave. Consider that Jesus performed seemingly miraculous feats of healing the sick. Is it possible that these were not miracles, but a consequence of the fact that Jesus had learned to use the full creative abilities of the mind? Is it possible Jesus did this in order to show us the potential we all have?

Again, everything in the material universe is created from energy waves that have been lowered to a certain level of vibration. How can you transform these material conditions? By raising the vibration of the energy waves out of which the conditions are made. This is not some high-flung theory. It is solid science that has simply been related to self-help.

As we have seen, quantum physics has proven that there is a realm beyond the material and that our minds can interact with it. The deeper reality is that we are designed to be co-creators with the intelligent beings who created the material world. How do we co-create? Well, one aspect is that our minds are designed with the capacity to be open doors for higher spiritual energies to be lowered into the material spectrum. Right now our minds have become closed doors because something is blocking the natural flow of creative energy. The key to unlocking the power of Self is to restore this creative flow.


 We co-create by being open doors for higher spiritual energies to be lowered into the material spectrum.


                                                                                                          Yet take note of where the creative flow comes from. The ascended masters teach that the creative flow originates with the Creator. The very high energy o f the Creator is then stepped down in vibration through many levels of the spiritual world. Who is stepping the creative energy down? The ascended masters who form a chain of being from the Creator to our level. When we unlock the power of Self, we can fulfill our rightful role as the latest link in the chain of being, we can find our place in the creative flow, what the masters call the River of Life.

Yet when we do find this place, from where will we get our creative energy? We will get it from the link in the chain of being that is right above us. And that link is the ascended masters who work most closely with earth. So the final conclusion to this chapter is that we need to know about ascended masters because the very key to unlocking the power of Self is that we learn to work with the masters right above us. Unless we can receive light directly from the masters, we cannot unlock the full creative powers of the Self.

Two ways to change our lives
When we consider how we can change our material circumstances, we have two basic options. Our first option is that we can seek to use the energy that is already in the material spectrum. This is indeed what many self-help and even some religious and spiritual philosophies teach. However, there are three problems with this approach:

                                                                                                          •    There is only a finite amount of energy in the material spectrum. Thus, from the outset, there is a limit to our creative powers.

•     This energy has already been reduced to a certain level, which means its creative power is limited. You cannot solve a problem created with material energy by using another form of material energy. You need a higher form of energy to truly change a material condition.

•     There are seven billion other people on earth who are fighting for their share of a finite amount of material energy. So if you seek to change your life by using material energy, you will have to take that energy from someone else. And that means you will lock yourself in a perpetual struggle against other people, as we can see going on throughout human history.

Our second option is to realize that our minds are designed to receive creative energy from a higher realm. And when we make use of this ability, our creative power is far beyond what can be achieved through material energy. The way to receive this energy is to work with the beings in that higher realm, namely the ascended masters. Yet before we consider how this works, let us look at how you can know that the masters really do exist. This will also show us something important about how you can learn to work with the masters on an individual basis.


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