The Power of SELF - Chapter 1

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Part one — A frame of reference from outside the human perception filter

Chapter 1 | Science and the power of Self

Obviously, you are not currently able to express the power of Self, or you would be enjoying a new life instead of reading this. The conclusion is that your power is being blocked, and what is blocking it is not external limitations but your own perception of life. This perception makes certain limitations seem real, yet this is simply a product of your current sense of self.

So the key to unlocking the power of Self is to shift your sense of self by challenging the perception of life that you get through your current sense of self. And the key to challenging your current mental box is to get a point of reference from outside the box. You need to have an alternative view in order to question the world view presented by your current perception filter. So the question becomes: How far outside your current mental box are you willing to go?

The simple fact is that most of us have come to accept a world view that is very disempowering and causes us to shut off almost all of the power of Self. In order to completely unlock the power of self, we have to make a very dramatic shift in our world view and sense of self. None of us can make that shift in one move, so we all need to take a gradual path.

This book will present you with a frame of reference that can take you completely beyond the human mental box. Yet in order to give you a gentle start, I would like to deal with what we might call the fundamental issue of self-help. The basic idea behind self-help is that you can change your life by changing your attitude or state of mind. Yet we have all been brought up with a world view that makes this claim seem impossible. After all, our senses and common experience – perhaps even our belief systems – tell us that our minds do not have power over matter.

So what I will do in this chapter is to take a look at how some of the discoveries of science can help us challenge the seeming disconnect between mind and matter.

Looking for hidden causes

Let us look at a simplified example. Say you are sitting at a table and on the table is a ball. How can you move that ball from Point A to Point B? Can you make the ball roll by using the powers of your mind to move the ball directly? Or will you have to use indirect power, by getting your mind to move your hand, so that the material object of your hand moves the material object of the ball?

If you think about this, you will see that the way you look at the problem depends on how you answer another question: “Is the ball separate from the mind or is there a connection between them?” If you believe that the ball and the mind are separate with no connection between them, then obviously there is no way your mind can directly move the ball. If the mind is made of one substance and the ball is made of a fundamentally different kind of stuff, then mind stuff simply cannot change matter stuff.

Yet what does modern science say about this? You might have read that science began in the Middle Ages, when most people believed the earth was the center of the universe. By observing the actual movements of heavenly objects, scientists discovered that the earth was moving around the sun. So let us look at some other observations of science and see what they can tell us about mind and matter.

We can begin by realizing that the idea that the earth was the center of the universe was quite reasonable based on our sensory perception. After all, our eyes tell us that the sun is moving across the sky, because our senses cannot see that the earth is rotating on its axis. Why can’t our senses tell us this? Since we are moving with the earth, they have no frame of reference from outside the earth. So the first lesson from science is that we cannot trust our senses, meaning we have to reach for something from outside the perception filter of our physical senses.

Science has also shown us that we live in a world that has layers or levels. What we can see with our senses is only a surface layer of the world, what scientists call the macroscopic level. Yet science has abundantly proven that there is something beyond the macroscopic level. What we see as human bodies, mountains or toasters are all made from smaller building blocks, called molecules. And molecules are made from even smaller blocks, called atoms, which are made from smaller blocks, called elementary particles.

The next insight given by science is the concept of cause and effect. In some cases, there is an obvious cause-effect relationship at the macroscopic level. If my hand pushes the ball, then that is obviously the cause of the ball moving. Yet in many cases, we can understand the cause behind visible phenomena only by looking at a deeper or higher level of the world. We can see many different things on earth, but at a deeper level they are all made of atoms. So the form that things can take and the way they behave is to some extent an effect of causes at the atomic level. And as we shall see shortly, there are even deeper levels of the world than atoms.

Another important realization demonstrated by science is that what seems like a bewildering display of diversity to our senses is actually just an appearance. When you go beyond the macroscopic level, we find less and less diversity the deeper or higher we go. There are millions of different things on earth, but they are all made from just 108 atoms. And the atoms are made by combining just three types of elementary particles in different ways.

Mind over matter

All of the factors mentioned so far are sort of common sense, and they can be deduced from what we all learned in elementary school. They simply prove the necessity of looking beyond the perception filter of our sensory-based macroscopic world view. Yet science can actually help us go even further beyond that mental box.

The first earth-shattering challenge to the sensory-based world view came in 1905 when Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity. When I went to school, my physics teacher told me that the world was made from two elements: matter and energy. I was, of course, told about the theory of relativity, yet what I learned was still based on the dualistic view of a world made from two elements. For example, I was told that Einstein’s formula, E=mc2, explains how we can convert matter into energy by splitting the atom. I am guessing you were taught something similar.

It was only after I grew up that I learned what Einstein’s formula truly says. You can begin to understand this by asking yourself why it is possible to convert matter into energy? Why is it, that when we split the atom, huge quantities of energy are released? The simple answer is that  splitting the atom does not produce energy that wasn’t there—it simply frees the energy that was already inside the atom. Okay, then, but why is there energy inside the atom? Because what Einstein’s theory truly says is that everything is made from energy.

Since 1905 we have known that our sensory-based world view is out of touch with reality. What our senses detect as solid matter is not solid at all. Matter is made from energy, and energy is a form of vibration, a wave that is constantly oscillating. What we see as solid and unchangeable matter is simply energy waves that have been captured into a stationary matrix. Yet as nuclear power plants prove, solid matter can be changed back into fluid energy.

Even more important, energy is infinitely changeable. Any energy wave can be changed into any other energy wave by changing its vibrational properties. This means that Einstein actually broke down the barrier between mind and matter. Matter is made from energy waves, and so are thoughts. Based on the theory of relativity it is entirely possible that the human mind can produce an energy wave so powerful, that it can have an effect on the energy waves that are currently making up “solid” matter.

♦ ♦ ♦

Any solid and unchangeable matter is simply energy waves that have been captured into a stationary matrix.

♦ ♦ ♦

In other words, self-help – the potential to change your physical circumstances by using the power of the mind – has been a scientific potential since 1905. It has obviously been a real potential much longer than that. Yet science can take us even further beyond the common mental box.

A world beyond the material

After Einstein presented his theory of relativity, a group of physicists got very excited, and they decided to study the world inside the atom based on Einstein’s discoveries. Over the following decades, they developed a new branch of science, called quantum mechanics, and they have made some truly mind-blowing discoveries.

The first one we will look at is the so-called wave-particle duality. According to a sensory-based view, something has to be either a wave or a particle. Yet physicists have proven that a subatomic “entity” will sometimes behave as a particle and sometimes as a wave. To me this is a clear indication of how important it is to look beyond the macroscopic perception filter.

A simple explanation for the paradox is that a subatomic entity is a more fundamental thing than wave or particle. Yet because physicists have attempted to force a wave-particle perception filter upon the subatomic world, they sometimes get wave properties and sometimes particle properties. It is truly like the emperor’s new clothes, where physicists are still so blinded by their perception filter that they cannot see subatomic particles for what they really are.

This might indicate that when physicists study the subatomic world, they are actually on the borderline between the material world and a greater world beyond the material. The “stuff” that makes up this greater world does not yet have form as we conceive of form. It is not yet locked into what we conceive of as a particle or a wave. It has the potential to take on the form of either a particle or a wave, and apparently, the specific form it takes on can be affected by something that we human beings do. If we look for a particle, the “quantum stuff” will behave like one, and if we look for a wave, it will behave like that also.

The conclusion we now reach is that we do not live in a world that is made up of solid, unchangeable particles. We live in a world that is far more fluid or moldable than what we have come to believe. It seems like the world is made from quantum stuff that has no fixed form but can take on any form. And it seems like our minds can influence which form the quantum stuff takes on. 

The quantum measurement enigma

When physicists started looking at the subatomic world, they expected that they could do what scientists do in the macroscopic world, namely be objective observers of independent objects. Yet they soon realized that in the quantum world, there is no objective observer—because there are no separate objects. When a physicist uses a particle accelerator to study a subatomic particle, the outcome is not independent of the mind of the scientist. Instead, the outcome is a product of three factors, namely the particle accelerator, the subatomic particle and the mind of the scientist. In the subatomic world, there is no such thing as an objective observer. In the subatomic world everything is connected, and the mind of the scientist will have a fundamental and unavoidable influence on the outcome of the experiment.

             To make matters worse, physicists also discovered that in the subatomic world the laws of nature, that work so well in the macroscopic world, no longer apply. In the quantum world, the laws of nature simply break down. You can calculate with absolute precision how a rocket moves towards Mars, but you cannot predict the movements of an electron around the nucleus. How can we explain this?

             Since I am neither a scientist nor a materialist, I see a relatively simple explanation. To present it, let me go back to Einstein’s formula, E=mc2 and the fact that matter is simply another form of energy. Matter is energy that has been captured into a matrix, so that instead of behaving like a non-local wave, it now behaves like a localized “particle.”

Once energy has passed this threshold, it forms particles that can be combined into the things we can detect with our senses and most scientific instruments. This is the macroscopic world, and this world is indeed subject to what we call the laws of nature. In the macroscopic world there are things that were not created by the human mind, and thus it is correct that the human mind has no direct influence on such things or the laws of nature.

             So how does this fit in with quantum physics? My explanation is that scientists have proven that we live in a world that has layers. Up until the advent of quantum physics, scientists were aware of only one layer, one pocket, of the total world, namely the macroscopic world. The quantum world is not just another part of the macroscopic world; it is a more fundamental layer. That is why the laws of nature break down in the quantum world. That is why there are no separate particles in the quantum world. And that is why the quantum world has a connection between our minds and subatomic so-called particles. Classical physicists said that the world is like a giant machine in which everything is predictable. This clearly is not the case at the quantum level. There are avant-garde physicists who say that the world resembles a giant mind rather than a giant machine. This means that if you truly acknowledge what quantum physics has proven, then you see that science can no longer afford to ignore mind. The final frontier is not space, because the ultimate frontier is consciousness. Of course, that is what self-help and spiritual teachers have been saying all along.

No thing is separate

Given that quantum physicists first proved non-locality several decades ago, why hasn’t our world view been adjusted accordingly? I mean, consider what scientists are actually saying. The universe started with the Big Bang, which took place about 15 billion years ago. In the first milliseconds, the laws of nature that we know today did not exist. Some of the first “things” to appear were what we call subatomic particles, so they have been around for a while. It then took 15 billion years before humans appeared, and we were the first beings with sophisticated consciousness. Meaning that between the appearance of subatomic particles and our consciousness, there is an evolutionary distance of 15 billion years—a rather large gap, I would say.

♦ ♦ ♦

Quantum physicists have now proven that our consciousness can interact with subatomic particles.

♦ ♦ 


Yet quantum physicists have now proven beyond any doubt that our consciousness can interact with subatomic particles, meaning that our very young consciousness can interact with “entities” that are 15 billion years older than we are. How do you explain this? Well, to me the simple explanation is that the world is made from neither matter nor energy. The underlying reality of the world is consciousness.

There was a form of consciousness that was present at the creation of subatomic particles, and that is why our more recent minds can interact with these “particles.” Are we actually interacting with separate particles, or are we interacting with the mind that creates and sustains them?

Take note that I am not hereby saying that we need to go back and accept the Judeo-Christian all-male God and the creation of the universe in seven days. I am, however, saying that the simplest explanation for the findings of quantum physics is that the Big Bang was planned and executed by a mind larger than ours. Between then and now, there has been a gradual, evolutionary process, but it has not been the random, unconscious process postulated by materialism. It has been a process that has been guided partly by one or more larger minds, partly – at the macroscopic level – by the laws of nature and partly by a third factor. What is this mystery factor? Well, if our minds are able to interact with and shape subatomic particles, what does that say about our potential to shape the macroscopic world? What does it say about why we are here in the first place?

The uncertainty enigma

Classical physics says that the entire universe is a machine, like a giant clock. Everything is made from interconnected levers and gears, and they all work according to laws that never vary. The implication of this is that the functioning of the universe is predictable. If you know enough about the universe’s starting position and the laws of nature, you can calculate with absolute certainty every event that will ever happen—up until the end of the world.

When physicists began studying the quantum world, they expected to find distinct particles that behaved according to invariable laws, pretty much like miniature billiard balls zooming around on a pool table. Meaning that if you knew enough about a particle, you could predict its behavior with certainty. What they found instead was another enigma that is unthinkable according to a traditional mental box.

In the quantum world, it is fundamentally impossible to predict the movements of a particle, such as an electron. This is not because you don’t know enough about the electron, but because there is a fundamental uncertainty in the quantum world. Instead of behaving according to invariable laws, the quantum world is inherently unpredictable. You cannot know the position of an electron until you actually measure it. And even then, what you measure is not an independent electron. What you are actually doing by your measurement is to create an electron in that position. What you measure simply was not there before you made the observation.

♦ ♦ ♦

There is a form of consciousness present in the quantum world. This explains why our minds can co-create the particles we observe.

♦ ♦ ♦

Based on what I have said above, we can once again suggest a simple explanation. Science has shown that there must be a form of consciousness present in the quantum world. This is simply the only way to explain why our minds can interact with the quantum reality and co-create the particles we observe. And what is the main characteristic of consciousness, at least for self-aware beings? It is that it does not follow mechanical laws. It has the potential to be creative, to do something that no mind has ever done before. Yet what is the basis for this creativity? It is free will; the ability to imagine something never done before and then choosing to do it for the first time. Okay, now that I have set a foundation, let me sketch a world view that can help you unlock the power of Self.

A self-empowering world view

Those of us who have grown up in the modern world have been brought up with a world view that is a strange mixture of medieval religious concepts, actual scientific observations, concepts that spring from materialism, and our sensory observations. As a result, we have a world view which says the following:

•        We live in a world made of matter.

•        Matter is “solid,” meaning it has substance and continuity.

•        Matter is difficult to change.

All the things we see in the macroscopic world are made from matter, and these things exist as separate units. We live on a planet that is such a unit. It is affected by the sun, but it is also surrounded by empty space that sets it apart. Our bodies are likewise separate units.

•         Matter is separate from mind.

•         Our minds have no ability to change matter directly. We can change matter only through our matter bodies and technology based on matter.

•         The matter world has power over our minds and sets many limits for our creative abilities.

All of these points are rather disempowering, because they essentially portray us as passive recipients of whatever the external matter world decides to throw at us. Yet based on the findings of quantum physics, we can challenge all of these points. And the basic challenge is that all of the points are correct, but they apply only to the macroscopic world. And that world is only the most superficial layer of the larger world in which we live.

Again, let us look at Einstein’s formula, E=mc2. I earlier said that this formula says that matter is simply energy that has been captured into a less fluid matrix. Yet if we want to be a bit more provocative, we can say that what the formula truly says is that matter does not exist; it is a figment of our imagination. I am not hereby saying that the world we perceive with our senses is unreal and doesn’t exist. I am not saying that we human beings have created the universe with our minds and can thus change it with our minds. What I am saying is that matter does not exist as we currently perceive it, and quantum physics has proven this. Let us look at each of the points listed above:

•       We live in a world made of matter. Actually, we live in a world made of energy that has taken on a certain form, and we have called this form “matter.”

•        Matter is “solid,” meaning it has substance and continuity. Actually, matter is not solid at all. It is made from energy, and energy is a form of vibration.

•       Matter is difficult to change. Actually, it is very easy to change the properties of energy waves. What we call matter is simply energy waves that are captured in a matrix. Yet they are still waves, and they are still easy to change.

•       All the things we see in the macroscopic world are made from matter, and these things exist as separate units. Actually, there are no separate “things.” Things appear separate only when viewed from the macroscopic perspective. From the deeper quantum perspective, everything is connected because locality is an illusion.

•      Matter is separate from mind. Actually, at the quantum level there is a direct connection between matter and mind. And everything in the macroscopic world is made from quantum “stuff,” meaning our minds have a potential to influence even the macroscopic world.

•      Our minds have no ability to change matter directly. Actually, given that our minds can change quantum stuff and that everything is made from quantum stuff, our minds do have the ability to change matter. If we can change the quantum stuff that makes up matter, we can also change matter. We are not currently using this ability, but it still exists as our higher potential.

•       The matter world has power over our minds. Actually, the matter world has no more power over our minds than what we give it through our ignorance of the quantum reality. If we look at life through the filter of the macroscopic mental box, then matter has power over our minds. But we have the potential to step outside that mental box and see the world as it really is.

An interconnected whole

With this in mind, I will sketch a new world view that can explain who we are, why we are here and what is our true potential. Let us begin by acknowledging that we do not live in a separate, isolated world. We live in a world that is one, interconnected whole. The easiest way to explain this is to say that the macroscopic world is not made from matter; it is made from energy. Energy is a form of vibration, and there are many levels of vibration. For example, we all learned in school that our eyes can detect only certain types of light.

There are forms of light that our eyes cannot detect, such as infra-red or ultra-violet as seen from


Image 1 - The electromagnetic spectrum of light

What is the difference between visible violet light and invisible ultra-violet light? The ultra-violet light has a slightly higher vibration than visible light. Other than that, there is no difference, meaning there is no impenetrable barrier that separates violet and ultra-violet light. In fact, the theory of relativity says that you can reduce the vibration of ultra-violet light and turn it into violet light. Einstein’s formula even says that this is exactly how the material universe was created.

We all learned in school that you can take a mathematical formula and divide with the same factor on both sides of the equal sign. If we do this to Einstein’s formula, we get the following:                                                                  

E     m c2
-- = -----       

c2        c2                               

We now have c2 twice on the right side of the equal sign. Since they cancel out each other, we end up with the final formula:


-- = m           


What does this new formula tell us? It tells us that the matter world is made from a substance that is not matter, but a form of pure energy. This energy, E, vibrates at a level that is far beyond what we normally call energy, such as sunlight or electricity. It is still made from waves, but they vibrate at at level that is much higher than anything in the material world. Thus, in order to create the material world, this quantum energy had to be reduced in vibration to a certain spectrum. And this reduction factor is what Einstein said is the speed of light squared.

As you probably know, the speed of light is a very large number, and when you square it, you get an astronomical number. Which means that the original energy, E, was reduced by a huge factor in order to become material energy. Once this reduction had taken place, the material energy could now be captured into matrices that made it appear as solid and localized particles. These particles could then be used to build localized structures, such as atoms, molecules, planets, espresso machines, galaxies and human bodies.

What we now see is that we live in a world that is a continuum of vibrations.


Image 2 - A continuum of vibrations 

 Theoretically, you could go towards higher and higher vibrations forever, but we can at least say that there are forms of vibration that are astronomically higher than anything in the material spectrum. This can explain why we cannot detect anything beyond the material world with our senses and most scientific instruments. Since we are inside the material spectrum, there is an observation horizon beyond which we cannot easily see. Yet it seems that quantum physicists have at least begun to see beyond the material spectrum. And perhaps the mind also has this ability, when developed.

How pure energy becomes matter

The Big Bang is normally pictured as a giant explosion, in which all of the energy and matter required to build the present universe was hurled outwards in a random, chaotic way. Based on what we have seen above, we might say that the Big Bang was truly triggered by the fact that a large amount of quantum stuff was simultaneously reduced in vibration, until it came within the material spectrum. It was this reduction of energy that started the Big Bang, and it is still what drives the expansion of the universe.

As we have seen, the quantum stuff was first reduced until it took on the form of what we call energy, meaning light, electricity, magnetism and so forth. These material energy waves were then captured into matrices, until they took on the form of subatomic particles. These particles were then organized into atoms, that were organized into molecules, that were used to build visible “things.” What exactly causes the quantum stuff to start organizing into structures, and what determined the exact form of those structures? Why does the structured universe exist, and why does it have the form it has?

To explain the problem more clearly, consider that the Big Bang is pictured as a giant explosion. You have probably seen pictures on TV of how a building is blown up. You have probably seen this in slow-motion, and you can see how the force of the explosion is quite chaotic and seemingly random. It starts with an organized structure, but the explosion blows it apart until only disorganized bits and pieces are left. You may even have seen the film played in reverse, so that you start with the bits and pieces, and then they magically begin organizing themselves into a complete building.

♦ ♦ ♦

When the original energy is reduced it becomes material energy that can now be captured into matrices that make it appear as solid and localized particles.

♦ ♦ ♦

Of course, we know this backwards movie contradicts the real world. You can’t blow apart an old apartment building and have the pieces spontaneously reorganize themselves into a bunch of nice villas. It simply doesn’t happen this way; an explosion always produces chaos, never organized structures. Yet some people are actually claiming that the explosion of the Big Bang did – through a spontaneous, random and unconscious process – produce the incredibly complex yet orderly structure we call the universe. Who ordered that?

The Universe after the Big Bang

The answer is that we human beings are not the only self-aware beings in the larger world. Beyond the material spectrum, there are also self-aware beings. These beings have a creative ability, which makes it possible for them to reduce the vibration of quantum stuff to a lower spectrum. Thus, it was a group of such beings that lowered the vibration of quantum stuff to the material spectrum, and this initiated the Big Bang.

Yet even after the Big Bang, these creative beings did not simply let the universe unfold randomly. They have used their creative powers to guide the unfoldment of the universe, meaning they are the ones who have caused energy to take on certain forms and then produce very complex structures. This does not mean that the creative beings are micromanagers, who take care of every little detail. Once they had brought sufficient energy into the material spectrum, they defined certain laws that guided the unfoldment of the material world. Yet even these laws cannot fully explain the unfoldment of the universe. There have been certain critical times, when the creative beings have stepped in and have taken the evolutionary process to a new level.

One of these times was when the evolutionary process had brought forth physical bodies with a very complex brain and nervous system. At that point, the creative beings sent extensions of their own minds down to inhabit these bodies. We are those extensions, which means we have the same basic creative abilities as our “quantum parents.” Only, we do not – yet – have these abilities fully developed.

This means that we were created in order to serve as co-creators with beings in a higher realm. These ascended beings have created the material world from the outside, yet we are meant to co-create it from the inside. We are meant to build upon – or tear down if we so choose – the foundation built by the creative beings.

Our higher and lower potential

In the introduction I said we are currently trapped in a certain mental box, and it acts like a filter that prevents us from seeing the full picture of how the world really works. We will later take a closer look at the box and why we became trapped in it, but for now I want to make the point that our mental box tells us we are separate beings. We are separated from our spiritual source—if such a source even exists. We are separated from each other—which explains all human conflict. And we are separated from the material universe—which explains environmental problems.

Yet the real problem with our mental box is that it blinds us to our higher potential. As a result, we function at a very low level, and at this level we think we are trapped in and limited by the macroscopic world. And here is the key realization: in our current state of consciousness, we are indeed subject to the laws of nature that function at the macroscopic level. We have free will, which means that for all practical purposes, we are who we think we are. We currently think we are limited human beings, so that is what we are.

Yet the higher reality is that our minds have the capacity to reach beyond the macroscopic level. Our minds can indeed reach into the quantum world, and at this level they can interact with the very stuff out of which the macroscopic world is made. And when we learn to use our creative abilities to make changes at the quantum level, we can set in motion impulses that will also generate changes at the macroscopic level. Physicists have realized that quantum laws can override natural laws. For example, if you bounce a tennis ball against a wall long enough, there is a potential that a quantum tunneling effect will make it go through the wall. So far, physicists see these quantum events as extremely rare. Yet what if our higher potential is that we can deliberately produce events that override the macroscopic laws?

How the world was created

So here is how the world was created. The world is made from a basic kind of stuff, which I have so far called quantum stuff. This stuff is a form of energy with a very high vibration. At its highest vibration, it cannot take on form, but when you reduce its vibration, it becomes like a clay that can be shaped into distinct forms. Thus, the material world was created by taking a large quantity of quantum stuff and reducing it in vibration, until it started vibrating as what we call energy. Some of this energy was then formed into what we call subatomic particles, and out of these particles were formed more complex structures, from atoms to galaxies.

So we might say that the basic stuff out of which the world is made is a formless substance that can take on any form. Yet this substance is not able to take on form by itself. In order to take on form, the quantum stuff must be acted upon by a being with self-awareness. Why is such a creative being needed? Because only when you have self-awareness, do you have imagination and free will. Imagination empowers you to envision a form that does not yet exist. And free will allows you to choose to project your mental image upon the quantum stuff.

There are a number of creative beings who exist in a level of vibration that is beyond the material spectrum. They have the ability to reduce the vibration of quantum stuff, meaning they can bring more energy into the material spectrum. They also have the ability to form mental images and to superimpose them upon material energy, thereby creating the forms we see in the macroscopic world. It was these beings who created the macroscopic world, and they are still serving to uphold it and to guide its unfoldment.

However, once the macroscopic world had reached a certain level of complexity, the creative beings sent extensions of themselves into it. We are such extensions, and we have been given the same basic creative abilities as our quantum “parents.” At present, most of us have not fully developed these creative abilities; we are not even aware of them. Nevertheless, it is still our highest potential to become fully conscious of who we are, to master our own minds and to master our ability to co-create the macroscopic world.

This means that we have two options in life. We can continue to function at our current level, which means we are subject to the laws of nature and the whole range of material limitations. At this level, the only way to change our lives is to use our physical bodies or to create technology that can change the material world.

The other option is to go through a fundamental shift in consciousness, so we become aware of who we are and unlock our true creative potential. This will empower us to use our minds to bring quantum stuff into the material world, meaning we will have a creative power that is beyond the physical body and technology. It will also empower us to use our minds to make changes directly at the quantum level, which means we can change things at the macroscopic level that we currently think are beyond change.


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