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If you are a new visitor, we recommend that you start by reading the book The Power of Self or Det minsta du bör veta om livet. These books are practical guides to knowing the Self and it explains all of the fundamental and basic concepts that you need in order to make the most efficient use of this website and the teachings presented here.

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Anders Breiviks massaker i Norge sett ur andligt perspektiv 

Under the bellow unit names, you will find the following sections. From each of them we have selected a few questions that may arouse your special interest: 


– 36 ideas for transcending your world view 

– The spirizual cause behind shooting sprees and other forms of violence 

– Explaining the concept of God to a young child or to an adult who is not spiritually inclined 

Spritual Movements

– About organizations inspired or sponsored by the ascended masters

Spritual Expirience
– How can a spiritual seeker best interpret dreams?
– God has not created your suffering 

– Jesus' opinion regarding the role of women

Karma and reincarnation

Karma does not predestine everything, there is still room for individual choice
Reincarnation and spirituality

Death and Dying

Death is not created by God


Foundational teachings on crop circles, UFOs and other phenomena

Dark Forces

The Brotherhood of Light and the brotherhood of darkness

Exposing dark spirits and protecting yourself

Celebration of light at the time of Halloween


How to deal with evil 

Practical life 

– The treatment of farm animals and eating meat

Can we have good physical health?

Transcend a compartmentalized approach to health and nutrition

Relationships, General

Foundational teachings on how to respond when others abuse you

Relationships, Love

How to find the “right” partner for life

Foundational teachings on marriage and divorce


When to leave an abusive relationship


Foundational teachings on the relationship between teenagers and parents

Foundational teachings on raising children

Inspiring children

Healing, Physical

Donation of blood or organs

The power is within you to heal any imperfection

Healing, Psychological

A non-pacifying approach to disease and dying

The spiritual cause of allergies

Healing severe trauma and childhood abuse

Foundational teachings on healing your psychology

Mental Illness

Many people have the seeds of schizophrenia within them


Overcoming an addiction


Having as much sex as you want?

Foundational teachings on (homo) sexuality

How both men and women can develop a more mature attitude to sex

Movies and Music

More teachings about rock music

Music to enhance your spiritual growth

– How to meditate with music


Appropriate reading material for correct spirituality 

World affairs 

Changing Society

- Take democracy to the next level

Are violent revolutions and protests necessary?

The need to teach children how to master the psyche

Why haven’t spiritual movements had a greater impact on society?

World Changes

The world will not end on any date in the near future

The ascended masters have the power to change the world; we have the authority

How a relatively small number of people can affect an entire nation

Historical Persons

– Going into the mind of a dictator

Why do many rich and famous people self-destruct? 

– Where are Stalin and Lenin today? 

Mother Teresa - did she become an ascended being?


Why democracies cannot survive without FREE speech

Money, the Economy

Living the abundant life in your consciousness

Why bad people have money and good people don’t


Science has become as corrupted by duality as medieval Christianity

How evolution and genes have been used as an excuse by people who will not change themselves

Political Issues

Foundational teachings on abortion

Gay marriage

In the Aquarian age, we must rethink our approach to nature, government, corporations and God

Power Elite 

– Power Elite 1: Understanding separateness, selfishness and sainthood 

Why information is the key to overthrowing the power elite

The real story of 9/11

How global warming and other environmental issues are being used by the power elite

How ascended master students should deal with the power elite

Man-made Atrocities

The psychological cause behind the Holocaust and other human atrocities

Natural Disasters

How humanity has created all imbalances in nature

The Americas

Colombia, poverty, drugs and economic problems

Asia and Australia

The unification of Korea is closer than you think

Be patient about North Korea

Is China a threat to the world? 

– The fate of the Tibetan people 

– The Dalai Lama can move on 


- The crisis in Greece 

Will the light come from Scandinavia? 


– Let the Swedes come out of their shell and grasp the vision of integration for the Baltic region 

– Anchoring the Flame of Integration in the nexus of Scandinavia and Europe 

 Let us rise above the fighting over land! 

– Claim your Freedom in Europe! 

– God government versus human government

Middle East

Why do Jews and Arabs hate each other?

God’s chosen people: fact and fiction

Resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians 

– The State of Israel is a test for all people 

– New answer on Israel and conspiracy theories  


– Question about Vladimir Putin 

– A curtain of light to protect nations from the former Soviet block

– Transforming the nations of the Soviet block

– How to be free of the Soviet Union


United States

- Spiritual meaning of Donald Trump’s election 

– A higher form of democracy in America

- Only persons willing to sell out to the elite can become nominated by the main political parties in the United States

A second American revolution is needed

The U.S. political system is outdated and constitutional reforms are needed  

Personal path 

Purpose of Life

Overcoming the sense of having no purpose in life
What is my purpose in life?

Free Will

How free is your free will?

Your own past choices can indeed override your ability to make future choices


Is the soul physical, spiritual or both?

Why no evidence that the soul exists after death?

Lower Self – Ego

Foundational teachings on human prejudice and discrimination

At some point, you will have to break the pact your ego has made with the devil

Higher Self

Higher self or Holy Spirit?

“Signs from God” means your Christ self is trying to reach you

Walking the Path

The path is a state of constant self-observation

Walking the spiritual path without suffering

The role of humor on the spiritual path

How to live in the now

Your personal master

A balanced approach to life

Spiritual Teachers

Why do people need the ascended masters?

Look for a spiritual teacher who challenges you instead of telling you what your ego wants to hear

Having an earthly guru versus seeking a direct relationship with the ascended masters


A teaching about how the ascended masters seek to help us transcend our illusions

Autobiography of a Spiritual Student

Spiritual Practices

Only one spiritual teaching and technique?

Blessing your food

Spiritual Tools

Correct use of psychic abilities and astrology
How to guarantee that you will NOT get results from using spiritual tools

How to react when your spiritual work does not produce the physical results you desire

- The importance of making calls


Many religions can be a foundation for Christhood

10,000 people have Christhood on inner levels

Overcoming the fear of being the Christ in action

Christ Discernment

No magical key can give you Christ discernment - it is a matter of practice

Speaking Out

Foundational teachings on how the students of the ascended masters can have a greater impact on the world

Recommending teachings to other people

Speak with love or heal your psychology first

Expressing the Living Word


How to stop descending and start ascending

Ascension as the raising of people's consciousness

– Do people qualify for the ascension today?

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