Going to night school

I want you to know that many ascended masters maintain spiritual retreats above the earth. These retreats are not physical locations. They are located in the spiritual realm. The retreats serve as spiritual learning centres and you can travel to such centres in your “energy body” while your physical body is asleep. Your conscious self can then receive instructions that you often remember upon awakening or during the day.

I can assure you that you have already travelled to such centres. However, you can increase the frequency of these visits by silently making the following invocation before going to sleep.


In the name of the Living God
I call to the angels of Jesus Christ to escort my energy body
to the spiritual retreat that Jesus wants me to attend.

I call to the angels of Archangel Michael to protect my soul
and my physical body and to help me return safely to my body.

I pray to my beloved Christ Self to help me remember the instructions I receive and to help me use them wisely.

I accept it done this hour with full power. Amen.

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17.01 | 17:26

Hi Andras! You have to ask people under adressen: feedback@morepublish.com. Sincerely! Powel K.

17.01 | 17:16

AZ ÉNÜNK EREJE - heter boken på ungerska

24.12 | 07:34

Vad heter boken på ungerska ?

21.09 | 11:17

Hej Andrei, błöcker på engelska kan Du bestąlla här:


Hälsningar! Powel K.

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